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Q / ao/ o � L <br /> � JJ7 773 <br /> Ronald L. Book, P A. <br /> IN OIHM <br /> PROIM101rh Bf3O (IUN <br /> February 15 , 2007 <br /> Sent via fax and U. S. mail to: 772. 569. 4317 <br /> Mr. Joseph A. Baird <br /> County Administrator <br /> Board of County Commissioners <br /> Indian River County <br /> 1840 - 25th Street <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> Re : Proposed Professional Services Agreement <br /> Dear Joe : <br /> I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Indian River County <br /> Board of County Commissioners for giving me the opportunity to again <br /> represent Indian River County before the Florida Legislature, all state agencies <br /> and any Executive branch offices , including the Governor, Attorney General and <br /> Agricultural Commissioner. We will continue to work hard to retain the <br /> confidence and trust that you are placing in us . <br /> This letter of agreement will serve as a professional services agreement and <br /> need only be approved and signed by you to be effective . <br /> It is understood that our firm will continue to pursue all legislative and state <br /> agency matters on behalf of Indian River County. This would include all <br /> traditional lobbying services which involves meeting with staff, elected officials, <br /> appropriate agency administrators, and preparing necessary documents to <br /> allow for approval and/ or inclusion of matters affecting Indian River County in <br /> the state budget. It is our responsibility to be your eyes and ears in the Capitol. <br /> It is our responsibility to educate those within the legislative process effectively <br /> on your behalf. It is our responsibility to pursue your legislative agenda. It is <br /> our future responsibility to help you identify priorities and set goals from a <br /> legislative and state agency perspective. You are responsible for educating us <br /> on the issues and preparing all necessary submissions . We would both be <br /> involved in making any necessary presentations . We agree to meet with you or <br /> your designees as you determine . We agree to provide you with appropriate <br /> REPLY TO: <br /> 71 (onmrde (enter i - 2999Hortheait191Street, P116 - Nveotura, florida33180 - Telephone (3o5) 935A66 - Fax (3o5) 935-9j37 <br /> 0 1o6 Nt (ollege Nvenue, iglh Aoor - Tallahassee, Tlorida 32302 - (85o) 22y-34th <br />