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5 . c -7 <br /> ) ) P - 153 <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY SERVICES <br /> FIRE RESCUE DIVISION <br /> INTER-OFFICE MEMORANDUM <br /> TO: John King, Director/Fire Chief <br /> FROM: Brian S. Burkeen, Assistant Chief <br /> DATE: March 26, 2007 <br /> SUBJECT: Adjusted Contract from Medtronic Physio Control <br /> Attached is the new maintenance contract from Medtronic Physio Control for the cardiac <br /> monitors in Indian River County Fire Rescue. <br /> Fire Rescue had in place a maintenance contract for all of the equipment from Medtronic <br /> for annual repairs. This contract was for a five year period at a cost of $ 131 , 165 .00. Late <br /> in the 2006 year we purchased new AED' s for the department which came with a <br /> warranty and therefore adjusts the annual maintenance contract. The new cost of the <br /> contract is $89,765 .00 which results in a reduction of $41 ,400.00 over the five years. <br /> This is an addendum to the original contract that needs to be signed by the County <br /> Administrator. As this is an addendum as to pricing and not the contents of the <br /> maintenance contract, I do not believe this needs to go before the BCC for approval . <br /> Please let me know if you need any further information in regards to this matter. <br /> Approved ; <br /> Jfoseph Ate. Baird Date <br /> mcan River Co . Approven Date <br /> Admin . l <br /> Co . Attorney <br /> Budget 5 1 <br /> Dept. <br /> Risk mgr. <br /> General Svcs . y <br /> Purchasing _) <br />