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ORIGINAL <br /> a � <br /> o �s <br /> Our File #0325 <br /> February 24, 2004 <br /> NON-EXCLUSIVE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING AGREEMENT <br /> CONTINUING CONSULTING SERVICES <br /> Work Authorization #4 <br /> Between Indian River County and Masteller & Moler, Inc . for the Central Regional Wastewater <br /> Treatment Plant Expansion to 4 . 0 MGD <br /> Indian River County <br /> I . Additional Services in Connection with Due Diligence Analysis Services on 28 Acre f <br /> site to be used for construction of wet weather and non- spec effluent storage and disposal <br /> percolation basins. <br /> Task A <br /> Indian River County Utilities is interested in establishing the feasibility of acquiring and utilizing <br /> a site with an area of approximately 28 acres located east of the existing Central Regional <br /> Wastewater Treatment Plant site, generally between Lateral H Canal and the FEC Railroad right- <br /> of-way. A local realtor has assembled a group of small area landowners into a consolidated <br /> parcel of property and offered it for sale to the County. Due to its close proximity to the Central <br /> Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Utility Department considers the site in question to <br /> have potential for use to store and dispose of wet weather effluent flow as well as non-spec <br /> effluent discharge. However, in order to ensure that the site can be used for this purpose, the <br /> Utility Department requests a Due Diligence Analysis performed on the site prior to considering <br /> or negotiating any land acquisition. <br /> Masteller & Moler, Inc . is pleased to offer our engineering services as an Addendum to our <br /> existing contract to provide a Due Diligence Analysis of the 28 acre ± site in question. We shall <br /> compile existing available information from public records including as a minimum: USGS <br /> Topographic Survey Map; United States Soils Conservation Service (USCS) Soils Maps with <br /> soils description; Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Maps ; Land Use <br /> Maps; Zoning Maps and Aerial Photographs . <br /> In addition, we shall coordinate acquisition of Study/Reports for inclusion within the Due <br /> Diligence Analysis including: Phase I Environmental Audit and Wetland and Threatened and <br /> Endangered Species Study. <br /> We propose to perform the Scope of Services outlined under Task A for The Lump Sum Fee of <br /> $ 11 , 005 .00 . <br />