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AIA Document B727 - Electronic Format <br /> Standard Form of Agreement Between INAL <br /> g . <br /> Owner and Architect oqr os � <br /> for Special Services <br /> 1988 Edition <br /> THIS DOCUMENT HAS IMPORTANT LEGAL CONSEQUENCES; CONSULTATION WITH AN ATTORNEY IS ENCOURAGED WITH RESPECT TO ITS <br /> COMPLETION OR MODIFICATION. AUTHENTICATION OF THIS ELECTRONICALLY DRAFTED AIA DOCUMENT MAY BE MADE BY USING AIA <br /> DOCUMENT D401- <br /> Recommended for use with current editions of standard AIA Agreement forms and documents. <br /> Copyright 1972, 1979, © 1988 by The American Institute of Architects, 1735 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington D. C., 20oo6-5292. Reproduction of the <br /> material herein <br /> or substantial Quotation of its provisions without written permission of the AIA violates the copyright laws f the United States and will beubie <br /> tc to legal prosecution <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> made as of the day of in the year of 2004 <br /> BETWEEN the Owner: <br /> (Name and address) <br /> Indian River County. Board of County Commissioners <br /> 1840 25th Street <br /> Vero Beach . Florida <br /> and the Architect: <br /> (Name and address) <br /> Harvand Jolly Clees Toppe Architects , P .A. <br /> 2714 Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. Street, North <br /> St . Petersburg . Florida 33704 <br /> For the following Project: <br /> (Include detailed description ofproject, location, address and scope.) <br /> A County-wide Library Plan for Indian River county. Florida as detailed with the attached Scope identified as Exhibit A <br /> The Owner and the Architect agree as set forth below. <br /> ARTICLE 1 <br /> ARCHITECT ' S SERVICES <br /> (Here list those services to be provided by the Architect under the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. Note under each service listed the method and means of <br /> compensation to be used, Wapplicable, as provided in Article 8.) <br /> The process of developing the County Wide Master Plan will be as follows : <br /> Task 1 . Initial Planning Meeting - This meeting will used to finalize the project schedule and establish reporting <br /> and communication mechanisms and acquaint the consultants with various people they will be working <br /> with . <br /> Task 2 . Research . Analysis and Findings <br /> a . Demographic Research -Data on the numbers . racial/ethnic makeup languages spoken educational <br /> attainment, economic condition employment and housing of County residents will be used in identifying <br /> the public library facilities needs <br /> b . Transportation related research-The Architect and Library Consultant will interview representatives of <br /> and review documents produced by the Indian River MPO to develop an understanding of the <br /> impact of issues related to public transportation road conditions and use and other transportation factors <br /> that impact the public' s ability to use libraries Such transprotation issues shall be discussed in the <br /> Master Plan . <br /> c . Population Types/Attractors-The Library Consultant will tour the County and interview county officals <br /> regarding issues related to the types of people who live in various parts of the County (income <br /> age . employment and so forth ) and the geographic and other attractions that create interests in living in <br /> © 1988 - THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS, 1735 NEW YORK AVENUE , N .W. , WASHINGTON, D . C ., 20006-5292 . AIA DOCUMENT <br /> 13777= <br /> OWNER -ARCHITECT <br /> 3727 - <br /> OWNER -ARCHITECT AGREEMENT - 1988 EDITION - AIA® - WARNING : Unlicensed photocopying violates U .S . copyright laws and will <br /> subject the <br /> violator to legal prosecution . This document was electronically produced with permission of the AIA and can be reproduced <br /> in accordance with <br /> your license without violation until the date of expiration as noted below . User Document : ruth o ' donnell . aia -- 4/16/2004. <br /> AIA License Number <br /> 1127252 , which expires on 12/31/2004 . <br /> Electronic Format 8727- 1988 <br /> 1 <br />