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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1963 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian,River County, <br />Florida, met at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, In a regular <br />meeting held at 8:00.o'clock, A. M., Wednesday, November.6, 1963. . <br />All members were present. Also .present were Ed Schmucker, County.Engi- <br />neei , John Sutherland, County Attorney, and Al Webber and Freda. <br />Wright, Deputy Clerks. <br />The Chairman asked if there were any changes or additions to <br />be made to the minutes of October.9 and 23, 1963. There were none <br />and upon Motion made by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commis- <br />sioner McCulaers and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved <br />As rpad.. . <br />VERO BEACH PRESS -JOURNAL <br />Published Weekly <br />Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida.. <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER: <br />STATE OF FLORIDA <br />Before the undersigned authority personally appeared J. J. Schumann, who on oath <br />says that he is Business Manager of the Vero Beach Press -Journal, a weekly newspaper <br />published at Vero Beach in Indian River County, Florida; that the attached copy of advertise- <br />ment, being a t . <br />Public Notices Public Notices <br />NOTICE <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following is a statement <br />summarizing a supplemental budget tentatively adopted by the Board <br />of County Commissioners of Indian River County, iFlorida, showing <br />receipts of said Board for the fiscal year 1963-64 in excess of the antici- <br />pated receipts budgeted by said Board for said fiscal year and showing <br />the proposed expenditure thereof by said Board for said fiscal year <br />proposed to be adopted by said Board as a supplemental budget for <br />the fiscal year ending September 30, 1964, in words and figures fol- <br />lowing: • <br />GENERAL. FUND <br />EXPENDITURES <br />in the matter of ___;146'-l___,.-( <br />in the <br />lished in said newspaper in the issues of <br />"c .o- -- --t--- L 5 (2 - <br />TO <br />a/c 677 State Aid for Library .$ 884.64 <br />a/c 673 General Aviation Fund 174.4.14 <br />EXCESS RECEIPTS <br />a/c 195 Cash Balance <br />FROM <br />$2428.78 <br />TOTAL .. $2428.78 $2428,78 <br />Said Board will meet in the County Commissioners' Room, Atdian <br />Court, was pub. River County Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, at 8:00 o'clock A. M. on <br />Wednesday, November 6, 1963, for the purpose of hearing requests <br />and complaints from the public regarding the supplemental budget. <br />This 9th day of October, 1963. <br />Affiant further says that the said Vero Beach Press Journal is a newspaper published at <br />Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, and that the said newspaper has heretofore <br />been continuously published in said Indian River County, Florida, weekly and has been entered <br />as second class mail matter at the post office in Vero Beach, in said Indian River County, Florida <br />for a period of' one year next preceeding the first publication of the attached copy of adver- <br />tisement; and affiant further says that he has neither paid nor 'promised any person, firm or <br />corporation any discount, rebate, commission or refund for the liurpose of securing this adver- <br />tisement for publication in/the said newspaper. <br />Sworn to and subscribed before me this __ -D-4-1.-1.__ day of __ _Sr S --__-_ A.D.... 1 ' 3 <br />9 ' <br />(SEAL) <br />f <br />(Business Manager) <br />,ezr <br />(Clerk of the Circuitourt, Indian River County, Florida) <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br />By: /s/ ROBERT W. GRAVES, Chairman <br />Oct. 24, 1963. <br />The Chairman read the foregoing Notice and asked if anyone <br />present wished to be heard. There being no one, Motion was made by <br />Commissioner Waddell, seconded by Commissioner Haffield and unanimously <br />carried, that the following Resolution be adopted. <br />