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providing the assistance requested , to their residence or place of Work , <br /> whichever is first to occur. <br /> G . SCHEDULE OF EQUIPMENT RATES — The latest rates published by <br /> Federal Emergency Management Agency under the response and recovery <br /> directorate applicable to major disasters and emergencies. <br /> H . WORK OR WORK-RELATED PERIOD — Any period of time in which either <br /> the personnel or equipment of the Assisting Utility are being used by the <br /> Damaged Utility to provide assistance . Specifically included within such <br /> period of time are rest breaks when the personnel of the Assisting Utility will <br /> return to active Work within a reasonable time. Also , included is mutually <br /> agreed upon rotation of personnel and equipment. <br /> ARTICLE Ill , PROCEDURE <br /> In the event that a particular utility becomes a Damaged Utility , the following <br /> procedure shall be followed : <br /> A. The Damaged Utility shall contact the Authorized Representative of one or <br /> more of the participating utilities and provide them with the following <br /> information : <br /> 1 . a general description of the damage sustained ; <br /> 24 the part of the water/wastewater system for which assistance is needed ; <br /> 3 , the amount and type of personnel , equipment, materials and supplies <br /> needed and a reasonable estimate of the length of time they will be <br /> needed ; <br /> 4 , the present weather conditions and the forecast for the next twenty-four <br /> hours ; and <br /> 5 . a specific time and place for a representative of the Damaged Utility to <br /> meet the personnel and equipment of the Assisting Utility, <br /> 6 . The identification of Work conditions and special constraints such as <br /> availability of fuel supplies , lodging/meal support , medical facilities , <br /> security, communications , etc. <br />