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I' G I N A L111( <br /> % . oAIA Document A121 " CMc - 2003 <br /> 11 <br /> Amendment No . 03 <br /> AMENDMENT NO. 1 3 <br /> TO AGREEMENT BETWEEN OWNER AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGER <br /> Pursuant to Section 9 . 2. 2 of the Agreement, dated April 19, 2005 , between Indian River <br /> County Board of County Commissioners, (Owner) and Turner Construction Company, <br /> (the Construction Manager), for New County Administration Building (the Project) , the <br /> Owner and Construction Manager desire to amend certain terms of the Agreement in ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS : <br /> connection with the construction services needed for the construction of the Emergency The author of this document has <br /> Operations Center and offices for the Emergency Services Department ("EOC added information needed for its <br /> Component") completion . The author may also <br /> have revised the text of the <br /> ARTICLE I CHANGE IS SCOPE original AIA standard form . An <br /> The original agreement made as of the Nineteenth day of April in the Year of Two Additions and Deletions Report <br /> Thousand and Five for: that notes added information as <br /> well as revisions to the standard <br /> New County Administration Building form text is available from the <br /> uthor and should be reviewed . <br /> Lying Between the Main Relief Canal to the North, the Lateral D Canal on the South and author <br /> line in the left margin of <br /> East and 20th Avenue to the West this document indicates where <br /> Two 2-story Buildings and associated site work and improvements ; one building consists the author has added necessary <br /> of approximately 100,00 square feet and contains the offices for Community information and where the author <br /> Development, the Utility Department, Public Works, the Commissioners ' Meeting Room, has added to or deleted from the <br /> the Mail Room, the Offices for the County Administrator, the County Attorney, the Board original AIA text. <br /> of County Commissioners , the Clerk to the Board, the Clerk ' s Finance Department, the <br /> Office of Budget and Management and computer rooms for both the Clerk and the Board This document has important <br /> of County Commissioners . The second building consisting of approximately 62 ,000 legal consequences . <br /> Consultation with an attorney <br /> square feet and contains offices for the Tax Collector, the Property Appraiser, the is encouraged with respect to <br /> Supervisor of Elections, the Purchasing Division, General Services Department /receiving , its completion or modification. <br /> Human Resources , Risk Management, the Recreation Department, Emergency Services <br /> Department, Emergency Operations Center, Fire, Prevention, Telecommunications and <br /> Computer Services . <br /> The Agreement is hereby further amended to modify certain term and conditions of the <br /> EOC Component under the same terms and conditions of the original contract except as <br /> specifically modified herein : <br /> The construction of an additional (third building) building to be located on 43`d Avenue <br /> (Jackson Tract) , under this Contract, which will accommodate the Emergency Operations <br /> Center including the offices of the Emergency Services Department. <br /> Authorization to proceed with the modifications of the Project by separating out the EOC <br /> Component was approved at a regular meeting of the Indian River County Board of <br /> County Commissioners on Tuesday, August 2 , 2005 . <br /> ARTICLE II MODIFICATIONS TO THE CONTRACT <br /> The following modifications in this Amendment Number Three are applicable only to the <br /> EOC Component of the Project, and all terms and conditions of the Agreement and as <br /> specifically modified in this Amendment No . 3 shall remain in full force and effect for the <br /> Project and the EOC Component except that the modification to Section 3 .4. 7 is applicable <br /> AIA Document Al21 TmCMc — 2003 Amendment No. 1 . Copyright ® 1991 , 1998 and 2003 by The American Institute of Architects and The Associated <br /> General Contractors of America. All rights reserved. WARNING : This document is protected by U.S. Copyright Law and International Treaties. <br /> Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be <br /> prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. This document was produced by AIA software at 19 :16: 10 on 11 /09/2005 under Order <br /> No. 1000192296_1 which expires on 8/8/2006, and is not for resale. <br /> User Notes : <br /> ( 1966089558) <br />