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Turner <br /> 10/20/2006 <br /> Mr. Steve Blum <br /> IRC Project Manager <br /> Indian River County Emergency Operations Center <br /> 2625 19th Avenue <br /> Vero Beach , FL 32960 <br /> RE: Indian River County Emergency Operations Center <br /> 2625 19th Avenue <br /> Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br /> Project #: 1290700 <br /> Change Order Request Number 012 <br /> Reconcile Overhead Coiling Shutter Allowance <br /> Dear Mr. Blum, <br /> We have finalized the required quotations for PCO-009 for the following extra work: Overhead Coiling <br /> Shutter Allowance Reconciliation . We have reviewed the Subcontractor Proposals (copies attached <br /> hereto) and have verified that all extra work items are in compliance with our Contract Agreement. The <br /> following is a detailed itemization of all extra costs: <br /> PCO No Item No Description Amount Contractor <br /> 009 002 Transfer allowance savings to Owner contingency $400.00 INDRIV <br /> 009 001 Finalize allowance for Overhead Fire-rated Coiling ($400.00) JBMATH <br /> Shutter <br /> Total Change to GMP: No Change $0.00 <br /> This change will also result in a possible schedule impact of 0 days to the project. <br /> Please return one (1 ) copy of this letter indicating your authorization to process this Change Order Request <br /> which does not change our Contract Amount. Following final approval of the actual Change Order by the <br /> Board of County Commissioners, the Owner's Contingency will be increased by $400.00. This approval <br /> will also authorize us to issue Subcontract Change Orders as required. <br /> If you have any questions regarding this Change Order Request, please call me at your earliest <br /> convenience. <br /> Sincerely, � <br /> � t <br /> Miss K ren Berg <br /> Sr. Project Engine <br /> Recommended By: Date: l ' i3 • 0 7 <br /> Steven Blum-Project Manager <br /> Approved By: 4d col) ( ,}(J4.1 � D Date: <br /> Tom Frame-Director of Genera ervices <br /> cc: COR-012, PCO-009, Cost, Purchasing , Accounting , Donadio and Assoc. <br />