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N NEXTEL IN -BUILDING SERVICE AND EQUIPMENT AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT") <br /> 141 <br /> Customer Name: Indian River County , Florida ("Custtxner ) Address: 1840 25th Street <br /> City: Vero BEach State': FL Phone: 772 - 226 - 1318 <br /> I Equipment Installation Address (if different from Customer Address): <br /> \ `The following determines the Nextel contracting party to this Agreement: If CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, PA (except Pittsburgh metro area), <br /> RI , VA VT and southern NJ : Nextel Communications of the <br /> Mid-Atlantic, Inc. If CA or NV, Nextel of California , Inc. If NY or Northern NJ , Nextel of New York, Inc. If PR, Nextel of Puerto Rico, <br /> Inc. If Texas, Nextel of Texas, Inc. If AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN , <br /> Nextel South Corp. If AZ, CO, His ID, IL, IN , IA, KS , KY, MI , MN, MO, MT, NE, NM, ND, OH, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WV, WI , WY, and <br /> Pittsburgh, PA metro area, Nextel West Corp. ("Nextel"). <br /> General description of equipment to be installed: Fees: 0 cost to customer <br /> BDA and related cabling , antennas , ancillary Installation , cabling and other non-recurring costs: <br /> equipment , and mounting materials . $ U <br /> Monthly Use Fee: S <br /> This Agreement supplements the terms and conditions in Customer's current ServicdSubsaiberManket Ordering Agreement (referred to as the 'Service Agreement'). In the event <br />that Customer does not have a current SeMce Agreement with Nextel, Customer's use <br /> of Nextel's service and equipment is governed by the terra and conditions set font on www.Nextel.comllerms as of the date of this Agreement. and this Agreement shall supplement <br />those terns. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. It Is <br /> Customer's responsibility to check the website and www.Nextel.convler s from time to fine. ff Customer does not accept any changes to the terns and conditions. Custorner <br />may terminate this Agreement M accordance with Section 8(c) below. <br /> 1 . LICENSENSE OF SPACE. Customer hereby grants to Nextel, a non-transferable (except to Nexlel's affiliated companies Interference cannot <br />be corrected or eliminated, Nextel shah remove the BDA from Customer's premises, and this Agreement shall <br /> providing Service) and non-exclusive limited license to install, maintain and operate certain wireless communications equipment immediately terminale. <br /> ('Equipment" as defined herein) at the location described in Section 3 ('Premises") below. Nexlel understands and agrees that <br /> the right to use Customers Premises is a limited license and Is not Intended to convey any real estate interest in and to the 5. BREACH. In <br /> the event that Custortar fats to perform any other obligation under Ods Agreement, or becomes insolvent, assigns <br /> Premises, and Nextel shat use the Premises solely and exclusively for the Installation, maintenance and operation of the Its assets <br />for the benefit of creditors or enters (voluntarily or involuntarily) a bankruptcy proceeding, or any representation. <br /> Equipment. warranty or covenant made by Customer Is false, incorrect or untrue in any material respect, Customer shall <br /> be in default under <br /> Ods Agreement. In event of a breach, Nextel shad have at of the rights set forth in the "Non-Payment/Breach" <br />section the Service <br /> 2. EOUIPMENT. Legal title to the d-directional amplifier ('BDA") and any and all ancillary equipment associated with the BDA Agreement. <br /> M addition. Nextel shah have the right to enter the Premises and remove and take possession of the Equipment and <br /> (cotlectively the "Equipment") shall at all times vest in Nextel. The Equipment Incudes, but is not limited to, the BDA and all Nextel may <br />pursue any other remedies available to Nextel under to UCC or any oder law. <br /> antenna, cables (coaxial and otherwise) and coaxial connectors Instated by Nextel on Customer's Premises. Customer's interest <br /> In the Equipment shat be United to its possession and use; Customer Shell protect, and to the extent stowed by law indemnify 6. CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIONS <br /> AND WARRANTIES. ff Customer does not own the Premises. Customer represents and <br /> and defend Nextel's legal titre and shat keep the Equipment free and deer of any ten or encumbrance. Customer shat have to warrants that Customer has <br /> obtained at necessary permission, consent and/or approvals necessary for the installation and <br /> right to quiet enjoyment of the Equipment during the tern of this Agreement so long as no default has occurred, and provided that operation of the Equipment. <br /> Customer represents and warrants to Nextel with regard to this Agreement that the execution, <br /> Customer shat not have the right to remove or tamper with the Equipment. delivery and performance of tela Agreement have been duly authorized <br />by all necessary action on to part of Customer, that this <br /> Agreement constitutes a valid and binding obligation of Customer enforceable against Cuskxrer in accordance with <br /> Its terns and <br /> 3. PREMISES. The Equipment shat be installed at the Equipment Installation Address above (the "Premises"). Customer agrees Opel the individual <br /> executing this Agreer emN on behalf of Customer Is duty authorized. <br /> the Premises must meet Nextel's minimum requirements, including site preparation and the availability of adequate telephone <br /> service and power source, in order for Nextel to install the Equipment. Nextel agrees it has Inspected the Premises and that to the 7. INSURANCE. Each party, <br /> prior to the installation of the Equipment shall obtain and maintain the Insurance coverage spedUed <br /> best of Its knowledge, the Premises are adequate for the installation of the Equipment. In the event the Premises are later herein to prated <br /> it and the other party and shah provide the other party with certlUcates of such Insurance, which shall be subject <br /> determined inadequate for the installation of the Equipment, the parties hereto agree this Agreement shat be terminated without to the approval of the <br /> other party: (a) Workers' Compensation Insurance in accordance with the laws of the Slate where the <br /> further liability to either party. Customer hereby grants Nextel access to the Premises for the purpose of installing, repairing, Premises are located <br /> or any other applicable jurisdidbn; and (b) General Liability Insurance (Broad Form Liability Endorsement) <br /> servicing, maintaining and removing the Equipment during Customer's standard working hours of operation (defined as 8:00 am on an occurrence basis with <br /> a minimum combined single limit for Personal Injury, Properly Loss and Damage. Contractual and <br /> through 5:00 pm Monday through Friday), except for situations when the Equipment affects public safety or causes interference Independent Contractor <br /> of not less ten One Milton Dollars ($1 ,OOO,000.00); (c) Business Automobile liability Insurance with <br /> to a Nextel cell site, and in such situations Customer shall give ail necessary consents and use best efforts to provide Nextel combined Single <br /> Limit LW ft of riot less ten One Million Dollars ($1 00D,000.00). This coverage Is to Include: owned, hired and non- <br /> access to the Premises twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Customer recognizes that such limitations on owned aulornobties. <br /> The policies for the above-specified General Liability Insurance coverage shall be primary and noncontributory <br /> Nextel's access to Its Equipment may Impede Nextel's ability to install, repair, service, maintain, or remove the Equipment and to any similar Insurance <br /> and/or set-Insurance that each party maintain and shat name the other party as an additional insured. <br /> may adversely affect the service Customer receives from the Equipment. Customer further recognizes and agrees that Nextel The above-mentioned certificates <br /> shah be provided by the parties before the Installation of the Equipment begins, and within thirty <br /> shall not be responsible for any degradaUon in service caused by Nextel's restricted access to the Premises. Customer agrees to (30) days of any renewal <br /> of the policies. All of the aforesaid policies shat provide that the other party be given not less than ten <br /> give Nextel at least ninety (90) days written notice of its Intend to vacate the Premises, after which Nextel shat have the right at (10) days <br />prior written notice of any Intended cancellation or material amendment or endorsement of said policies. <br /> anytime to remove the Equipment from the Premises. Nextel shall have no obligation to Install, operate or maintain the Equipment <br /> in Customers new facility. Upon removal of the Equipment, Nextel shall restore the Premises to their condition al the beginning or 8. TERM AND TERMINATION. <br /> The term of this Agreement Is one (1 ) year from the date of Customers signature hereof, and shat <br /> this Agreement, ordinary wear and tear excepted. automatically renew in one (1 ) year increments unless and until this Agreement <br /> Is terminated in accordance with this Section 8. <br /> This Agreement may be terminated as follows: (a) autorraticaty upon the lamination or expiration of the Service <br />Agreement; (b) <br /> 4. SIGNAL INTERFERENCE. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the BDA is subject to Federal Communications ConMssion Immediately by Nextel upon written <br /> notice O Customer fails to cure a breech of Its obligations under this Agreement within thirty <br /> ("FCC') regulations, and (i) may not cause harmful interference and (ti) must accept any interference Including interference (30) days <br /> of the delivery of written notice; (c) by either party for any reason or no reason upon sixty (60) days written notice; (d) <br /> received that may cause undesired operation. In the event that the BDA causes or Is eheged to cause Interference to Nextei's immediately by Nextel <br /> upon receipt of written notice from Customer notifying Nextel that Customer is vacating the Premises; (e) <br /> system or the systems of third parties, upon written notice of such Interference or alleged interference, Customer agrees that Immediately by <br /> Nextel upon written notice If the BDA causes Inctin ble signal interference as set forth in Section 4 or This <br /> Nextel shall have the right to discontinue operation of the BDA ung such Interference Is corrected or eliminated. After ceaaing Agreement. The <br /> Service Agreement shall continue In full force and n yy�[hht is ria es <br /> operation of the BDA. Customer acknowledges that Nextel shah only operate the BDA in order to correct such interference. in expiration or termination <br />of the Service Agreement. Nextel shall n!' ! In vat's the t or <br /> accordance with FCC regulations, unfil such line that the Interference Is corrected or eliminated. In the event any such expiration <br /> of this Agreement. <br /> i 01 - 04 - 2005 <br /> Legal <br /> Customer Signature: S CC Y l / Date- <br /> -7u <br /> e1 <br /> BCCA <br /> Printed Name: pproved 9 <br /> C Dept. t � <br /> Nextel Signature: J Kum I mitDate : U� <br /> Printed Name: lm I44' i Version <br />