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Division Serial No. <br /> Prior Division Serial No. <br /> STATE OF FLORIDA DIVISION OF BOND FINANCE <br /> NOTICE OF INTENT TO ISSUE BONDS AND REQUEST FOR WRITTEN CONFIRMATION <br /> PART I ( be completed by applicant) Date: January 1 , 2008 <br /> Name, address and phone number of person who prepared this Notice (confirmation or rejection will be sent to this person <br /> unless otherwise directed): <br /> Name: Gordon R. Jernigan Phone: ( 850 ) 432-7077 <br /> Addre s: 25 West Cedar Street Suite 530 <br /> Pensacola Florida 32502 <br /> Issuin Agency: Escambia County Housing Finance Authority <br /> Comp y (if applicable): <br /> Reque ted Amount: $ <br /> Is this a Supplementary Notice? Yes No X <br /> Check one of the following: <br /> anufac[uring Facility (as defined in Section 159.803( 10), F.S .) <br /> lorida First Business Project (as defined in Section 159. 803( 1 1 ), F.S.) <br /> ( overnor' s Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development certification must be attached) <br /> ultifamily Housing Single Family Housing X Other <br /> (If " 0her" , specify) <br /> Is this a Priority Project under State law? Yes No X <br /> Purpo e: Single Family Mortgage Revenue Bond Program for Indian River County to be issued by the Escambia County Housine <br /> Finan e Authority <br /> s. 147 f) or similar IRC Approval Date: October 9, 2007 <br /> Appr vmg Authority (Unit of Government) : Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County <br /> Cont plated Dates) of Issue: February 2008 <br /> I HE EB Y CERTIFY THAT THE ELECTED OFFICIAL R VOTER APPROVAL REQUI RED PURSUANT TO 147(1) OF <br /> THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE HAS BEEN OBTAINED ON THE DATE INDICATED ABOVE, AND THAT THE <br /> AM UNT REASONABLY EXPECTED TO BE REQUIRED FOR THE FINANCING EQUALS AT LEAST 90% OF THE <br /> AM UNT REQUESTED ABOVE. <br /> Sig ure of Issuing Agency Official <br /> Issuing Agency Official - typed or printed Name and Title _ Gary C. Wheeler, Chairman, Board of County Commissioners <br /> IMP RTANT! Legal Opinion (Section 159.805( 1 ), F.S .) enclosed: X $ 100.00 Filing Fee enclosed: X <br /> PART II (to be completed by the Division of Bond Finance) <br /> Received by: Date and Time Received: <br /> Adjusted Date Received (pursuant to Section 159.8081 or 159. 8083, F.S.) <br /> Statu (confirmed or rejected) : <br /> Amo t Confirmed: $ Confirmation Valid Through: <br /> Amount Pending (if any): $ Comments: <br /> Cate cry of Confirmation: <br /> Title: Director, Division of Bond Finance <br /> ISS ER IS HEREBY ADVISED THAT THIS CONFIRMATIONIS CONDITIONAL AND SHALL NOT BE CONSIDERED <br /> FIN L UNTIL AND UNLESS (1) THE DIVISION RECEIVES TIMELY NOTIFICATION OF ISSUANCE OF THE BONDS <br /> PURSUANT TO SECTION 159.805(5)(a), FLORIDA STATUTES, AND (2) THE DIVISION HAS ISSUED ITS FINAL <br /> CONFIRMATION OF ALLOCATION (FORM BF 2007-B) WITH RESPECT TO THE BONDS. <br /> (For BF2006-G/1 - 1 -97) <br />