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8 . P_RQPERTY LFnASED " AS IS " . Tenant agrees that the property is being leased <br /> as is and ` that Landlord makes no warranty or guarantee of the condition of the <br /> property ` br any of the improvements . Tenant has examined the premises and has <br /> determined that the premises are suitable for Tenant ' s purposes . <br /> 4 . COMPLIANCE OF LAW . Tenant shall comply with all of the laws , rules , <br /> ordinances , and regulations of the County , State and Federal Governments , and <br /> agencies regarding the use of the leased premises . Violation of any law , rule , <br /> ordinance or regulation may result in immediate termination of this lease . <br /> 5 . MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS . The Tenant agrees to make any and all <br /> repairs and improvements to the leased premises and agrees to keep said premises in <br /> a safe , clean and attractive condition during the term of this Lease . <br /> 5 . 1 Tenant may move the single family home located on the premises at his <br /> sole expense prior to the expiration of this lease . Prior to moving the house , Tenant <br /> shall obtain a bill of sale absolute from the County . Tenant shall abide by all state and <br /> local regulations concerning moving of structures . <br /> 6 . INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL OF EQUIPMENT AND FIXTURES . Tenant <br /> shall have the right to install on the premises such equipment , fixtures and other items <br /> necessary or convenient for its use of the premises . All equipment and property <br /> purchased by the Tenant and placed in , on , or about the leased premises , including <br /> equipment not affixed to the realty , shall remain the property of the Tenant . Tenant <br /> may remove same on or before the termination of the Lease . In addition , Tenant may <br /> remove any cabinets , wood flooring or wood paneling installed in the house so long as <br /> it is completed prior to termination of this Lease . <br /> 7 . PUBLIC UTILITIES . The Tenant will pay within time allowed for payment <br /> without penalties , all charges for water and electricity and all other public utilities which <br /> may arise from the Tenant ' s use of the leased property . The Tenant agrees to hold the <br /> LANDLORD harmless from any interruption in the use and services of such <br /> commodities . <br /> 8 . HOLD HARMLESS . The Tenant agrees to hold harmless and indemnify <br /> Landlord from any liability which may arise from the Tenant ' s use of the leased <br /> property . <br /> 9 . INSURANCE . The Tenant shall carry the following insurance coverage and <br /> shall furnish the Landlord a certificate of said coverage . <br /> 9 . 1 Renters Insurance . Tenant agrees to keep and maintain at all time <br /> during the lease term , at Tenant' s expense , a general liability policy protecting Landlord <br /> against all claims and demands that may arise or be claimed on account of Tenant ' s <br /> use of the premises in an amount of at least $ 100 , 000 for individual injuries and <br /> $ 200 , 000 per occurrence . The policy shall be written by a carrier licensed to do <br /> business in Florida <br /> 9 . 2 . Special Requirements . Ten days prior to the commencement of <br /> tenancy , a certificate of insurance shall be provided to the Risk Manager for review and <br /> approval . The certificate shall provide for the following : <br /> 2 <br />