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i <br /> LU V <br /> ASSIGNMENT AND AMENDMENT OF OPTION <br /> This ASSIGNMENT AND AMENDMENT OF OPTION (the "Assignment") is ma ie this <br /> day of " , , 2005 , (the "effective date") by and between INDIAN RIVER <br /> COUNTY, FLORIDA, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, whose address is c/o <br /> Department of Community Development, 1840 25 `" Street, Vero Beach, Florida, 3260 <br /> (hereinafter referred to as "Assignee" or the "County") , JCL Investment Group, Inc . a Florida <br /> corporation, whose address is 6649 Forest Hill Blvd . , West Palm Beach, FL 33413 (hereinafter referred <br /> to as "Assignor" or "JCL"), and the Leona Diamond Trust, and Leona Diamond, individually, <br /> whose address is 4301 N . Ocean Blvd. # 1001A, Boca Raton, Florida, 33431 (hereinafter <br /> collectively referred to as "Seller" or "Diamond") . <br /> WITNESSETH : <br /> WHEREAS , real property owned by Diamond (the "Property") and located in Indian River <br /> County, Florida, is currently under option for sale and purchase, between Diamond as seller), <br /> and JCL (as buyer) pursuant to that certain agreement showing a date of signature b Seller of <br /> May 6 , 2005 , a copy of which agreement is attached and made a part of this Assi ent, and is <br /> referred to herein as the Option Agreement. The Property is also described as Indian River <br /> County tax parcel numbers : <br /> 29-33 -40-00000-0010-00001 ,2 <br /> 29-33 -40-00000-0010-0000160 <br /> 30-3340-00000- 1000-00001 . 0, and <br /> 30-3340-000004000-00004 . 0 ; and, <br /> WHEREAS, JCL and the County have agreed on a sale and purchase of the propert to the <br /> County, through an assignment of the option agreement, and subsequent closing; an , <br /> WHEREAS, in order to effectuate the purchase and sale between JCL and the County it is <br /> necessary to amend the Option Agreement, as assigned, to provide for closing prior to the time <br /> set forth in the Option Agreement, and to provide for certain requirements needed by the County <br /> to close under state law and County procedures ; and, <br /> WHEREAS, JCL, the County and Diamond have agreed to the purchase and sale of the Property <br /> to the County, assignment of the Option Agreement, and amendment of the Option Agreement, <br /> all in accordance with this Assignment; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE , in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars ($ 10 . 00) and other, good and <br /> valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged" JCL, the <br /> County and Diamond hereby agree as follows : <br /> 1 . Assignment and Amendment of Option Agreement. JCL does hereby grant, nargain, sell, <br /> assign, transfer and set over unto the County, JCL ' s rights, title and interest in and to the Option <br />