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OUTSIDE AGENCY FUNDING POLICY <br /> Purpose : <br /> " Outside Agencies" are entities which perform a particular socioeconomic service for Ir idian River County. <br /> Partial support for their activities comes from County funds . This policy was de loped to provide <br /> guidelines for Staff and the Board of County Commissioners in the funding of such a 3encies , <br /> Five types of outside agencies are addressed in the body of this policy; Nonprofit , C ildren ' s Services , <br /> Tourist Development , Quasi- nonprofit, and State agencies . Within each section is a discussion of how <br /> County monies are to be allocated to such agencies , how agencies should apply for County funds and <br /> each agency' s fiscal responsibilities to the County upon the receipt of such funds . <br /> Effective Date : <br /> This policy shall become effective immediately upon adoption by the Board of County Commissioners of <br /> Indian River County. <br /> I . Nonprofit Agencies : <br /> Indian River County provides funding to various nonprofit organizations offering social services within its <br /> boundaries . These expenditures are funded from General Fund revenues currentl This policy will <br /> cover nonprofit agency funding from all ad valorem taxing funds . <br /> A. Total Nonprofit Funding Allocation - The total amount allocated to nonprofit agencies will be <br /> adjusted each year as shown below. <br /> 1 . The total allocation for nonprofit agencies will be capped at $256 , 516 , which is the amount <br /> allocated for FY 2001 /2002 . In any year up to $256 , 516 may be allocated to all nonprofit <br /> agencies . <br /> 2 . The total allocation will serve as a " ceiling " for total non -profit agency funding . Depending <br /> upon financial considerations , this amount maybe reduced by the County Administrator or <br /> the Board of County Commissioners . <br /> B . Nonprofit Agency Application for Funding <br /> 1 . In early March of each year, the Budget Office sends out applicatiol packets for the <br /> upcoming budget year. These packets are mailed to all nonprofit agencies that received <br /> funding in the current year, requested funding for the current year, r inquired about <br /> funding any time during the last twelve months . <br /> 2 . Completed application packets and all additional documentation must bin. submitted to the <br /> Budget Office by May 1st in order to be considered for funding in the upcoming budget . <br /> 3 . The application packets can be seen in Attachment A to this document . The application <br /> includes a description of the countywide purpose for the funds requested , a listing of the <br /> organization ' s board of directors , salary information , and various financial forms . <br /> Approved 2/ 19/02 <br /> Pagel <br />