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JAN 2 1965 <br />`, 9 PAIS 98 <br />THURSDAY. JANUARY 21, 1965 <br />The Board of County Commiseioners'of Indian River County met at <br />the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Plorida, in a Special Meeting held at <br />8:00 o'clock A. M., Thursday, January 21, 1965. All members were <br />present. Also present were John Sutherland, County Attorney, Edwin <br />S. Sohmuoker, County Engineer and Alfred H. Webber, Deputy Clerk. <br />Col. Whitoamp, President of Rookridge Property Owners' Association, <br />told the Board that his association has plane to rebuild the shelter at <br />the Rookridge County Park, converting it into a community building, <br />the expense to be borne by the association. He requested the permission <br />of the Board. On motion of Commissioner Hauliers, seconded by <br />Commissioner Waddell, it was unanimously voted to grant permission, <br />provided the plana were approved by the County Engineer. <br />Commissioner Macdonald reported that he, together with the <br />County Engineer and the County Attorney,had visited Mr. Parker of the <br />I. I. Board and found him in a000rd with the plane for Indian River <br />County to take over Round Island and a small island nearby for a <br />recreational area. He suggested that the Boards of County Commissioners <br />of Indian River County and St. Lucie County send resolutions tothe <br />I. I. Board requesting that these islands be dedicated to.Indian River <br />County. Representatives of the St..Luoie County Board of County <br />Commissioners were present and agreed to adopt ouch a resolution at <br />their meeting on January 21, 1965, and send it to the I. I. Board <br />immediately. <br />Wabaeso Island was also disouss$d as a possible recreational <br />and Mr. Parker stated that it had already been dedicated to Indian <br />River County over a year ago but notifioation to that effect had never <br />been sent from his office. He promised that confirmation of that fact <br />would be Bent to Indian River County shortly. Upon motion of Commissioner <br />,naffield, seconded by Commissioner Waddell, and unanimously carried,. <br />the following Resolution was adopted: <br />