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RECORDS MANAGEMENT COMPLIANCE STATEMENT <br /> Fiscal Year 2006 -2007 <br /> Please read and complete the following and return by December 31 , 2007 to : Department of State, Records <br /> Management Program , Mail Station 9A, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250 ; FAX (850) 245-6795. <br /> Section 257.36(5), Florida Statutes: ' For the purposes of this section, the term "agency" shall mean any state, county, district, or <br /> municipal officer, department, division , bureau, board , commission , or other separate unit of government created or established by law. <br /> It is the duty of each agency to: (a) Cooperate with the division in complying with the provisions of this chapter and designate a records <br /> management liaison officer. (b) Establish and maintain an active and continuing program for the economical and efficient management <br /> of records." <br /> Rule 1B-24-003(10), Florida Administrative Code: "Prior to records disposition, an agency must ensure that retention requirements <br /> have been satisfied . The minimum requirements for each records disposition is the identification and documentation of the following. <br /> (a) Schedule number, (b) Item number, (c) Record series title; (d) The inclusive dates; and (e) The volume in cubic feet. A public record <br /> may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of only in accordance with retention schedules established by the Division . Photographic <br /> reproductions or reproductions through electronic recordkeeping systems may substitute for the original or paper copy, per Section <br /> 92 .29, F_S" <br /> Compliance Certification <br /> 1 . This agency is in compliance with s . 257.36(5), F.S ., and Rule 1B-24.003( 10), F .A.C . <br /> X Yes No ( Please explain and indicate areas in need of assistance on reverse side. ) <br /> 2 . This agency has disposed of 65 . 58 cubic feet of records for the fiscal year indicated above. <br /> 3 . This agency is retaining and disposing of records in electronic form in accordance with records retention <br /> requirements . <br /> X Yes No ( It is not necessary Indi ate volume of electronic records disposed . ) <br /> " y v <br /> Agency Head Signaturer!"""\ Jj 1AA. ADate . <br /> Name of Agency Head ( please print) : Sandra L . Bowden <br /> Title of Agency Head ( please print) : Commission Chairman <br /> AGENCY and RMLO INFORMATION <br /> Current Information : Please indicate changes or additions below: <br /> Please do not erase or cover information in this column. <br /> Agency Name: Indian River County Board of County Commissioners <br /> Agency Head: Mr. Gary c. wheeler Mrs . Sandra L . Bowden <br /> Agency Address: 184025th Street 1801 27th Street , Building A <br /> Vero Beach Florida 32960-3365 <br /> Rli Ms. Kimberly E . Massung Mrs . Darcy R . Vasilas <br /> Address : 184025th Street 1 R01 27th StrPPt , Rui I di n0 A <br /> Vero Beach FL 32960-3365 <br /> Phone: (772) 226-1433 Ext: STATE OFFLORIDA <br /> IN <br /> Fax : (772) 770-5334 THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT THIS IB <br /> Copy <br /> (IF .. <br /> E-mail : dV "rHE ORh INAL ON FILE IN THIS <br /> JE�FfEY,rIC 13ARTON, <br /> Agency lD : C0620500 BY . <br /> D .C. <br /> DATE Ia — I -z tD <br />