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BOOK 9 PALE 248 <br />MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1965 <br />The.Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County. , <br />met in a special meeting on Monday, June 28,-1965, at the Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida. All members were present. Also present were <br />John H. Sutherland, County Attorneys Edwin S. Schmucker, County Engine;; <br />and Ruth Elliott, Deputy Clerk. <br />The Chairman stated that the purpose of .the meeting was to <br />adopt a Resolution to ,authorize the execution of a deed on a portion <br />of the Wabasso Bridge Road. Upon Motion by Comatiseioner Waddell, <br />,seconded by Commissioner McCullers and unanimously carried, •the.foliowing <br />Resolution was adopted* • <br />• <br />Jt1N 21955 <br />