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WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1965' <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met <br />in regular season on Wednesday, July 7, 1965, at the Courthouse. <br />Vero Beach, Florida. All members were present. Also present were <br />John H. Sutherland, County Attorney, Edwin S. Schmucker, County <br />Engineer, and Alfred H. Webber and Ruth Elliott, Deputy Clerks. <br />The Chairman, Robert W. Graves, asked if there were any <br />corrections or additions to the minutes of June 9 and June 28, 1965. <br />There were none and upon Motion by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded <br />by Commissioner Waddell and unanimously carried, the minutes were <br />approved. <br />Miss Mary Lou Durrance and Francis Whitfield submitted plans <br />for a building on land owned by the County and leased -A° the west <br />Wabasso Progressive Civic Club. The building would be used for <br />meetings, demonstration home and health clinic, at an estimated <br />cost, for.materials only, of $3,900.00. Miss Durrance stated that <br />it would be furnished with money received from the Economic Opportunity <br />Act; and asked the Board to furnish financial aid for the buildingi. <br />Commissioner Macdonald moved that the plans be submitted to the <br />County Engineer for examination and approval and that action be <br />postponed until the Engineer's report is received. The Motion <br />was seconded by Commissioner Haffield and unanimously carried. <br />Attorney B. T. Cooksey and Attorney James L. Boring, representing <br />the owner of Wyn Cave Subdivision, Edwin B. Duckett, appeared before <br />the Board and stated that when the subdivision was platted there was <br />an easement going to the ocean. This easement was subsequently <br />changed by the County Commissioners at the request of R. A. Winn, from <br />the south side to the north side of the property. The present owner <br />finds that the present easement is untenable and it would be more <br />comienient for ingreas and egress and.access to the ocean to have the <br />easement in the twiddle of the property. at Wyncove Drive, and requested <br />the Board to abandon the old easement and grant a new easement in the <br />WOK . 9 ?ACE 251 / <br />L 71965 <br />