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a <br /> FDOT/INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> ROADWAY TRANSFER AGREEMENT <br /> From Indian River County to the Florida Department of Transport2 tion , <br /> Wabasso Road/CR-510 from SR-5/US4 to SR-AIA <br /> THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this 14th day of June , 2005 by and between the <br /> FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, an agency of the State of Florida, hereinafter called the <br /> DEPARTMENT, and Indian River County, hereinafter called the COUNTY; <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> WHEREAS, the COUNTY, has requested the transfer of the above listed roadway sections to the State Highway <br /> System, and this transfer is mutually agreed upon, between the COUNTY and the DEPARTMENT and, <br /> WHEREAS, upon signature of the Secretary of Transportation the COUNTY has agreed to the transfer of <br /> jurisdiction of roadway section 88050000 , Wabasso Road from SR-5 /US - 1 to SR-AlA : <br /> WHEREAS, following the transfer of the roadway as specified herein, the COUNTY agrees to pay the <br /> DEPARTMENT a sum amount of $ 3 , 092 , 000 (Three Million Ninety-two Thousand Dollars) for roadway <br /> improvements, and; <br /> WHEREAS , this Agreement has been approved by the County Commission through Resolution No .2005 - 096- <br /> NOW, THEREFORE , THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH : in consideration of the mu al covenants and <br /> promises herein contained, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are <br /> hereby acknowledged, the COUNTY and the DEPARTMENT agree as set forth below: <br /> This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which the COUNTY and the DEPARTMENT will <br /> abide, commencing on the date of approval of the Agreement by the Secretary of the Department. <br /> (a) The DEPARTMENT accepts all responsibility for the road right of way and for operation and <br /> maintenance of the roadway upon the effective dates of transfer for Wabasso Road/ R-510 from SR- <br /> 51US - 1 to SR-AIA In addition to the roadbed, this agreement includes all sidewalks , bike paths, curbs , <br /> culverts, bridges, and drainage structures within the right-of-way at the time of trans er . <br /> (b) The COUNTY shall be responsible for the continuation of maintenance of any nonstandard <br /> DEPARTMENT roadway or landscaping features or any existing Landscaping Agreements with private <br /> companies when roads are transferred from COUNTY jurisdiction . This includes all fishing piers, <br /> recreation areas located along the causeway, and the access road and surface property located beneath the <br /> high level bridge (Bridge No . 880053 ) . <br /> (c) It is agreed that all obligations of the COUNTY, under any maintenance , utility, railroad crossing <br /> agreement or other such agreement, relating to any specific road to be transferred, shall be transferred at <br /> the same time and in the same manner as jurisdictional responsibility. Copies of any existing permits, <br /> agreements, and easements shall be turned over to the DEPARTMENT for their records . <br /> (d) The COUNTY in the public land records of Indian River County, will record the appropriate deeds or <br /> right-of-way maps to reflect the transfer. <br /> (e) The COUNTY agrees to pay the DEPARTMENT a lump sum amount of $ 3 092 , 000 (Three <br />