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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1965 • <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met <br />in regular session on Wednesday, October 6,.1965,.at the Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida. Al]. members were present. Also present were <br />John H. Sutherland, County Attorney; Edwin S. Schmucker, County <br />Engineer; and Alfred H. Webber and Ruth Elliott, Deputy Clerks. <br />The Chairnan asked if there were any corrections or additions <br />to the minutes of September 9 and September 22, 1965, There were <br />none, and on Motion by Commissioner Macdonald. seconded by. Commissioner <br />Haffield and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved. <br />Homer C. Fletcher, Tax Assessor, presented the Tax Rolls for <br />the year 1965 on real and personal property and also the Intangible <br />Personal Property Assessment Roll, which were examined and found <br />to be correct. On Motion by Commissioner Waddell, seconded by <br />Commissioner Macdonald and unanimously carried, the tax rolls <br />were accepted and approved and the Warrants to each of said rolls <br />were annexed thereto and are in words and figures following -4 <br />46, <br />9 PALE325 <br />