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• <br />WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10,. 1965 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met <br />in regularse.ssion on Wednesday, November 10, 1965, at the.Courthouse, <br />Vero Beach, Florida. All members were present. Also.present were <br />John H. Sutherland, County. Attorney, Edwin.. S.S:chmucker, .County- <br />Engineer, and Alfred H. Webber and Ruth Elliott, Deputy Clerks. <br />The Chairman asked if there were any corrections or additions <br />to the minutes of October 6, and October 20, 1965. There were none, <br />and on Motion by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner <br />:Hatfield, and unanimously carried, the minutes were approved. <br />In.response to .the invitation extended. at the last meeting, <br />delegations again appeared wit.h•regard to the paving of Rosewood:Road. <br />The County Engineer presented a location map, showing all of the <br />existing improvements along the road, and the relationship of the canal <br />bank on the south side of the section line to the.north.right.-of-way <br />line. He stated that there exists now between 31 to 36 feet of width. <br />between the canal bank and the north right-of-way line. The Bridge <br />at wings Highway. was built 20 feet north of the .Section line, and <br />that ]tth Street, east of Clemman Avenue,.'was built 15 feet north of <br />the.Section line. <br />The Chairman stated that the County can pave ;the road on' the <br />existing right-of-way. The'County may.have to removea few shrubs <br />so that one can see to get on'the.street and may have to obtain a <br />little more right-of.-way'on the, west end, at Kings Highway., <br />• <br />then asked if anyone present wished to be heard. <br />Mr. C. Ellis Duncan read a prepared statement, the same was <br />received and filed. Mr. Ralph Stognar expressed his views for the <br />paving of the Load. Mr. Duncan suggested that it might be -well to <br />have engineers from both sides work on this project and Offered his <br />services. <br />aooK • . 9 PACE 357 <br />NOV 1.01965 <br />