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Contract SF611 AA <br /> Amendment #2 <br /> 4. ARTICLE IV — DISTRICT'S RESPONSIBILITIES: Paragraph #2 shall be deleted and replaced <br /> with the following paragraph: <br /> "2. For satisfactory performance of the Work outlined in the MOU, the District agrees to <br /> reimburse County an aggregate sum in an amount not to exceed $5 . 83 million. Payments due <br /> under this MOU are subject to the availability of funds from the Florida Legislature and the <br /> Florida Forever Trust Fund. " <br /> 5. ARTICLE VI — GENERAL: Paragraph #3 shall be deleted and replaced with the following <br /> paragraph: <br /> "3 . This MOU may be terminated at any time for cause or convenience upon thirty (30) calendar <br /> days prior written notice to the other party. In the event that this MOU is terminated, the <br /> District shall compensate County for all authorized and accepted work through the date of <br /> termination and the remainder of the unspent funds from the $4.33 million Legislative <br /> appropriation and the $ 1 .5 million Florida Forever appropriation will be held in reserve by the <br /> District to be used in a subsequent MOU between the District and County, consistent with the <br /> provisions of the appropriation or Legislative action ." <br /> The District and County agree that all other terns and conditions of the original Agreement are <br /> hereby ratified and continue in full force and effect. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have duly executed this Amendment on the date set <br /> forth above. <br /> ST. JOHNS RIVER WATER INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> MANAGEMENT DISTRICT <br /> By .e zBy: Dt6�E <br /> Kirby B . Green , Execu a Director <br /> Thomas S . Lowther ChairMan <br /> Typed Name and Tide <br /> Date: Date: December 13 , 2005 <br /> APPROVED BY THE OFFICE <br /> OF GENERAL COUNSEL <br /> Attest: <br /> VEOO <br /> S ley J . Niego, s stant GJnerkI Counsel Name and Tide <br /> PPROVED : <br /> Attachment: Exhibit A-3 <br /> C unty Ackministrator <br /> AFS' 1fE� AS TO FORM <br /> LE FFICi Y <br /> Y <br /> Page 2 of 9 <br /> ASSISTANT COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />