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Tuesday, Deceriber 28, 1965 <br />The Board. of County Commissioners of Indian River County <br />met at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida, in a Special. <br />Yeeting held at 8:15 o'clock A. I,:., .Tue3day, December 28,1965. <br />iresent were; Vice Chairman D. B. i,:cCullers, Commissioner <br />Donald D:acdonald, Commissioner B. Q. Waddell and Commissioner <br />Jerre J. Haffield. Also present were; County Attorney John <br />H. Sutherland, County Engineer Edwin S. Schmucker and Deputy <br />Clerk Alfred H. 'Webber. Chairman Robert W. Graves was absent. <br />V <br />On motion made:by..Commissioner Waddell, seconded by <br />Commissioner Haffield, it was unanimously voted to authorize <br />the Clerk'to draw Warrant #3222 on Account #451 of the Road <br />and Bridge Fund in the amount of $2496.81 payable to Ralph <br />Harris, Clerk Registry of Court Funds_.. This was .to cover the <br />additional amount necessary to pay the Judgement on the <br />Condemnation Suit for ?labasso Road (Court Case #60). <br />County Engineer Schmucker discussed future intersections <br />of Interstate Highway #95 with Glendale Road and Oslo Road, and he <br />recommended an overpass for Glendale Road and an'.interchange <br />at Oslo Road. On motion made by Commissioner Waddell,, sedonded <br />by'Cormissioner Haffield, the following Resolution was unanimously <br />adopted; <br />BOOK . 9 PAGE 391 <br />DEC a 1965 <br />