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Page 3 of 11 <br /> 2007-2008 Agreement <br /> Continuing Professional Surveying/GIS Contract <br /> e. The SURVEYOR understands that certain County <br /> AutoCAD ( Drawing ) standards are being adopted ; said <br /> standards shall be defined in individual work orders . <br /> f. The SURVEYOR shall report the status of the project to <br /> the County Surveyor upon request and hold all drawings , <br /> electronic files , calculations, and related work open to the <br /> inspection of the COUNTY at any time, upon reasonable <br /> request. <br /> 4 . Subject to the terms of Section X herein , all documents furnished to <br /> the SURVEYOR by the COUNTY pursuant to this Agreement, is <br /> and shall remain the property of the COUNTY, and shall be <br /> delivered , upon request, to the COUNTY upon completion of the <br /> work. All items prepared by the SURVEYOR shall be created , <br /> maintained , and provided in the format as specified by the <br /> COUNTY in each individual Work Order. <br /> 5 . Compensation to the SURVEYOR for basic services shall be in <br /> accordance with each Work Order, as mutually agreed upon by the <br /> SURVEYOR and the COUNTY. Schedule of current hourly billing <br /> rates are included in "Exhibit A" attached , and will be included as <br /> part of each Work Order when approved . <br /> SECTION IV — TIME FOR COMPLETION <br /> The time for completion of each project shall be defined in the Work Order. <br /> SECTION V — COMPENSATION <br /> The COUNTY agrees to pay, and the SURVEYOR agrees to accept, for services <br /> rendered pursuant to this Agreement, fees in accordance with the following : <br /> A. Professional Services Fee - The basic compensation shall be mutually <br /> agreed upon by the SURVEYOR and the COUNTY prior to issuance of <br /> each Work Order, and the amount shall be included in the Work Order to <br /> be formally approved by the Board of County Commissioners . <br /> B . Direct Payment for Certain Services - The COUNTY agrees to pay on a <br /> direct basis for services or goods provided by others working in <br /> conjunction with the SURVEYOR, as follows : <br /> 1 . Printing and Reproduction : The COUNTY shall make direct <br /> payment to the SURVEYOR for the cost of additional blueprints. <br /> The maximum cost allowed per blueprint , utilized shall be set forth <br /> in the Work Order. <br /> 2 . Concrete Monuments <br /> 3 . Others — as defined in individual Work Orders . <br /> F :\Engineering\Capital Projects\0725- 2007 Annual Prof. Survey Contrae6Agreements\0725- 07-08 Carter <br /> AGREEMENT mob 2007.doc <br />