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A4 <br /> h',DoiTie�� / <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA C W.S ��� S <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> TO : Kim Massung <br /> Executive Aide <br /> FROM : Roland M . DeBlois , AICPp <br /> Chief, Environmental Planning <br /> THROUGH : William K . DeBraal <br /> Assistant County Attorney <br /> DATE : December 19 , 2005 <br /> SUBJECT : Request of Commission Chairman Execution of Assignment of Option : <br /> Ryall Tract — South Prong Slough LAAC Site <br /> Attached is an "Option Agreement for Sale and Purchase" (two originals) for Chairman Lowther ' s signature <br /> relating to the Ryall Tract — South Prong Slough LAAC Site . The seller has already executed the Agreement. <br /> On January 23 , 1996 , the Board of County Commissioners delegated authority to the Board Chairman to <br /> execute option agreements (see attached resolution) . <br /> It is important to note that the Board's January 1996 delegation of authority to the Board Chairman to sign <br /> option agreements was done so because of State (and County Environmental Lands Program Guide) <br /> confidentiality requirements . The procedure is such that once the Chairman executes the option, appraisals can <br /> then be released for public information, and a public hearing can subsequently be scheduled for full County <br /> Commission consideration . The Chairman's execution of the Option does not commit the County to the <br /> purchase , but gives the County an option to buy contingent upon Board approval at an advertised public <br /> hearing . <br /> As such, I request that the Chairman sign the attached originals , and that the originals be returned to me . I will <br /> then schedule a 30 day advertised public hearing at which the full Board will consider approval of the <br /> purchase . <br /> Thanks for your help . Please let me know if you have any questions (ext . 1258) . <br /> cc : Robert Keating <br /> Bill DeBraal <br /> F : \Community Development\USers\ROLAND\LAAC\South Prong Slough\Ryall option sign bee chair memo 121905 . doc <br />