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NOW, THEREFORE , for good and valuable consideration , the receipt and <br /> sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged , and intending to be legally bound hereby, the <br /> parties hereby agree as follows : <br /> 1 . The County as landlord does hereby sublease to Airmasters , and Airmasters <br /> hereby subleases from County as landlord , the Subleased Premises on the terms and <br /> conditions set forth in this Sublease . The term of this Sublease is 20 years (" Initial Term " ) , <br /> Provided Tenant is not in default of any of the terms , conditions , or covenants under this <br /> Sublease , Tenant shall have the option to renew this Sublease ("Renewal Option " ) at the <br /> end of the Initial Term , for one ( 1 ) additional ten ( 10 ) year term ( " Renewal Term" ) . Tenant <br /> must provide written notice of exercise of the Renewal Option to County at least one ( 1 ) <br /> year prior to the expiration of the Initial Term . <br /> 2 . As rent for the Subleased Premises , Tenant shall pay to County the sum of two <br /> hundred ($200 . 00 ) per year for each year during the Initial Term and the Renewal Term of <br /> this Sublease . Tenant shall pay any taxes that may be assessed in connection with this <br /> Sublease and in connection with Tenant' s use of the Subleased Premises , including , but <br /> not limited to , sales and use tax , ad valorem tax, tangible property tax, and intangibles tax. <br /> 3 . Tenant shall use the Subleased Premises for the limited purposes of operating <br /> and maintaining a radio-controlled model airplane flying facility ; conducting radio-controlled <br /> model airplane flying events ; and radio-controlled model airplane flying by members of the <br /> Tenant' s "Airmasters Radio Control Club , Inc . " and Tenant' s invited guests . Tenant shall <br /> operate the radio control model airplane facility in accordance with all applicable state and <br /> federal laws , rules , and regulations , and all applicable Indian River County ordinances and <br /> policies . No person shall be excluded from participation in , be denied the benefits of, or be <br /> otherwise subjected to discrimination in the use or operation of the Subleased Premises , <br /> or any of the programs of Tenant that are conducted in , on , or at the Subleased <br /> Premises , on the basis of age , gender, disability, race , color, creed , national origin , <br /> religion , or ancestry. <br /> 4 . All improvements heretofore made by Tenant under the prior License <br /> Agreement have been and are herby ratified and approved . In addition , Tenant shall make <br /> any other necessary improvements on the Subleased Premises in order to accommodate <br /> radio- controlled model airplane flying , at Tenant' s sole expense . Any such improvements <br /> shall be subject to County' s prior written approval . Tenant shall maintain such <br /> improvements as may be required by County . Tenant shall maintain the Subleased <br /> Premises in a clean condition during the term of this Sublease by promptly removing and <br /> properly disposing of all litter, rubble , trash , and debris . <br /> 5 . County reserves unto itself the right to license , use , or allow the use of the <br /> Subleased Premises for any public purpose , provided such license or use does not <br /> unreasonably interfere with the operation of Tenant' s radio control model airplane flying . <br /> 6 . Any and all improvements made by the Tenant to the Subleased Premises <br /> shall become the property of the County at the time of expiration or termination of this <br /> Sublease . However, if any improvements made by the Tenant to the Subleased Premises <br /> remain after expiration or sooner termination of this Sublease , County may arrange for <br /> 2 <br />