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� - 2u - oma <br /> Board of County Commissioners . <br /> 1810 25th Street > > <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> Telephone : (772) 567-8000 FAX : (772) 778-9391 <br /> Indian River County Project No . 0446 <br /> Kings Highway Extension (58th Avenue) South , Phase 1 <br /> Oslo Road to 17th Street SW <br /> SUPPLEMENTAL to WORK ORDER NO . 6 <br /> FOR <br /> PROFESSIONAL SURVEYING SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> FOR ANNUAL SURVEYING AND MAPPING SERVICES <br /> WITH <br /> KIMLEY-HORN & ASSOCIATES , INC . <br /> In accordance with Contract No . 0390 <br /> This Supplemental to Work Order No . 6 is in accordance with the existing AGREEMENT dated <br /> September 23 , 2003 , and the extension thereof, between Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc . <br /> (SURVEYOR) and Indian River County (COUNTY) . <br /> This Supplemental Work Order No . 6 amends the agreement as follows : <br /> SECTION I — PROJECT LIMITS : Kings Highway Extension South (58`h Avenue), Phase 1 <br /> The SURVEY LIMITS shall begin at a point on Kings Highway that is 150 ' north of Oslo Road and 9t' <br /> Street S .W . and continue south on Kings Highway to a point that is 1500 ' south of 17th Street SW. <br /> SECTION H — SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> Supplemental task: <br /> Perform additional field and office survey tasks required to survey and map surrounding sectional and <br /> existing Rights-of-Way control to position project alignment and Right-of-Ways as further defined in <br /> attached exhibit "A" supplemental explanation from consultant . <br /> SECTION III - TIME FOR COMPLETION <br /> Supplemental tasks shall be completed within 30 calendar days from Notice to Proceed . Final <br /> submittal will be delivered to the County within 30 calendar days of receipt of the 80% submittal <br /> comments . <br /> SECTION IV — DELIVERABLES/WORK PRODUCT (Final product) <br /> a) Survey shall be supplied as a topographic survey and base map (Cadd) file to IRC . <br /> b) Said base map file shall include, survey horizontal and vertical control and subsequent <br /> topographic data sufficient for all anticipated design and planning needs . <br /> c) Survey horizontal/vertical control sheet shall be included establishing and referencing control as <br /> to facilitate baseline re-establishment and construction . References and Bench Marks shall be <br /> logistically placed outside proposed limits of construction and be comprised of durable material . <br /> d) The SURVEYOR shall prepare its Work Product Digital versions so that the COUNTY or other <br /> consultants can readily use it for design and analysis of the area defined . It shall contain all <br /> information necessary for a third-party surveyor to independently recreate and/or utilize the <br /> survey work. It is acknowledged that all final products become property of Indian River County <br /> and will be available for use by the public at large . <br /> e) The SURVEYORS work product shall meet or exceed the minimum standards as defined by ALL <br /> sections heron and exhibit "A" attached hereto and made part of this agreement, or the COUNTY <br /> will not approve the SURVEYORS request for payment. <br /> CAWINNT\Temporary Internet Files\OLK536\0446- supplement to WO 6 5 -4-05 .doc <br />