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S YNCHR ONIZA TION A GR EEMENT <br /> THIS SYNCHRONIZATION AGREEMENT, made and entered into this _ day of <br /> 2005 , by and between the FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY <br /> COMPANY L.L. C . , a Florida Limited Liability Corporation, with an address of One Malaga <br /> Street, St. Augustine, Florida 32085 hereinafter called "FEC" and Indian River County, Florida, <br /> hereinafter called "COUNTY" . <br /> WHEREAS , Railroad Automatic Warning Devices , hereinafter referred to as <br /> "RAILROAD DEVICES ", presently exist or shall be installed, at a rail/highway grade crossing <br /> of, Fourth Street (4"' Street) , at Railroad Mile Post. 229+3982 ' <br /> WHEREAS , the parties desire that the RAILROAD DEVICES be synchronized with <br /> both existing and/or proposed highway traffic signal devices, at <br /> Fourth Street and State Road 5 (US1 ) hereinafter referred to as "HIGHWAY DEVICES ", in <br /> order to clear highway traffic from the grade crossing upon the approach of trains ; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual undertakings as herein set forth, the <br /> parties agree as follows : <br /> A. FEC shall . <br /> 1 . Install the necessary synchronization equipment to terminals of the FEC ' s <br /> control box for the Railroad Devices and perform actual control box connection with <br /> cables from the COUNTY ' S circuit at COUNTY ' S expense . The installation shall be <br /> done by the FEC ' S own forces, with supervision and approval of the COUNTY, and in <br /> accordance with the " Specifications for Installation of Traffic Signal Synchronization <br /> 1 <br />