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aV-lAOD <br />DR -512 <br />R. 05/88 <br />NOTICE TO TAX COLLECTOR OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED <br />TO: Tax Collector of Indian River County: <br />In accordance with the Florida Statutes, I, INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, holder of the following tax <br />sale certificate hereby surrender same to the Tax Collector and make tax deed application <br />thereon: <br />CERTIFICATE NO. DATE LEGAL DESCRIPTION <br />2002-1400 05=30=02 31-39-29-00000=5000-00071.0 <br />BEG AT SE COR OF NW 1/4 OF SW 1/4 <br />RUN W 210 FT FOR P O B. THENCE W <br />120 FT, N210FT, E210FT, S21 -FT <br />TO BEG <br />1 agree to pay all delinquent taxes, redeem all outstanding tax certificates not in my possession, <br />pay any omitted taxes, and pay current taxes, if due, covering the land, and pay any interest <br />earned (a) on tax certificates not in my possession, (b) on omitted taxes or (c) on delinquent <br />taxes. I also agree to pay all tax collectors' fees, ownership and encumbrance reports costs, <br />clerk of the court costs, charges and fees and sheriff's costs, if applicable. Attached is the <br />above mentioned tax sale certificate on which this application is based and all other certificates <br />of the same legal description, which are in my possession. <br />. <br />Applicant's Sig <br />June 1, 2004 <br />Date <br />