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V j r <br /> 0Ck <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY/IMPACT FEE STUDY CONSULTANT CONTRACT <br /> By and Between <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br /> And <br /> TINDALE -OLIVER AND ASSOCIATES , INC . <br /> THIS CONTRACT FOR THE INDIAN RIVER COUNTY IMPACT FEE STUDY between <br /> Indian River County, hereafter referred to as "County" , and Tindale- Oliver and Associates , Inc . , <br /> Impact Fee Study Consultant, hereafter referred to as "Consultant" is entered into this 161h day <br /> of March, 2004 . <br /> I. Duration of the Contract <br /> This contract is valid from March 16 , 2004 until the impact fee study is done unless canceled by <br /> either Consultant or County, after a 30 day written notice . The consultant shall commence work <br /> within seven (7) days after receiving the notice to proceed, unless notice to proceed indicates <br /> otherwise . <br /> II . Scope of Services <br /> Scope of Services is attached to this contract as Appendix "A" . <br /> III . Compensation Method (Fees) <br /> The professional services described in the Scope of Services , including all travel expenses and <br /> other direct expenses , will be provided for a total cost of $ 183 , 346 . 00 . <br /> 1 . COUNTY shall pay to Consultant a mutually agreed upon lump sum professional fee for <br /> each work order activity as shown on Appendix ` B " and Appendix " C " of this contract, to be <br /> paid in monthly installments as invoiced by Consultant. Each monthly invoice will <br /> document the work performed . Upon submittal of an invoice documenting the completion of <br /> all or a portion of one or more of the Tasks listed in the Scope of Services , the COUNTY <br /> Project Manager will determine if the Tasks or portions thereof have been satisfactorily <br /> completed . Upon a determination of satisfactory completion, the COUNTY Project Manager <br /> will authorize payment to be made for the Task, Tasks , or portions thereof. All payments for <br /> services shall be made to Consultant by COUNTY in accordance with the Florida Prompt <br /> Payment Act (Florida Statutes § 218 . 70 et seq . ) <br /> 2 . The COUNTY Project Manager shall have the sole right to reduce (or eliminate , in whole or <br /> in part) any portion of the services at any time and for any reason, upon written notice to <br /> Consultant specifying the nature and extent of the reduction . In such event, Consultant shall <br /> be fully compensated for the services already performed and also for the services remaining <br /> to be done and not reduced or eliminated . <br />