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/f �% / <br /> AGENDA ITEM NO . Ukid <br /> IRCC Contact Person: Michael Da ftWnVAL22r 2005 <br /> Indian River Co. Emergency Services District Contact Person: Chairman of oard Z 2 <br /> nI.J . <br /> TRAINING PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT <br /> A TRAINING PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT is a cooperative effort entered <br /> into <br /> beat a n <br /> INDIAN RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE (IRCC) and a private business, p y, <br /> other organization for the purpose of delivering training and instruction to students in the IRCC <br /> service area. <br /> THIS TRAINING PARTERSHIP AGREEMENT , entered into S EES for INDIAN <br /> his 15th day of <br /> November, 2004, by and between COLLEGEe DISTRICT <br /> reundlerTefBeoedo asFth RB ARD, and INDIAN <br /> RIVER COMMUNITY <br /> RIVER COUNTY EMERGENCY SERVICES DISTRICT , hereinafter referred to as the <br /> AGENCY . <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> 1 . The AGENCY agrees to provide instructional support IRCC ,including offer nurses relctiont d to <br /> instructional materials , and equipment, m partnership with RCC <br /> Fire Science to be held between November 2004 through August 2005 . <br /> 2 . The BOARD agrees to pay to the AGENCY up to $.18 <br /> ..0.0000 for Instructional Support <br /> based on serving 150 enrollees and prorated depending on actual enrollment, credit type, <br /> and course length. <br /> 3 . The AGENCY agrees to pay to the BOARD the prevailing tuition rate per in-state and out- <br /> of-state eligible students enrolled in the training class . <br /> 4 . The AGENCY agrees to pay the above tuition within thirty days of receipt of invoice, not <br /> to exceed sixty days from beginning date of class . <br /> 5 . The AGENCY further agrees to release to the BOARD , its agents and employees from any <br /> and all liability and hold it and them harmless from any and all claims and causes of action <br /> caused by or arising from the rendering of the above-cited services . <br /> 6 . This contract may be terminated by either party by giving written notice. five (5) days in <br /> advance of the beginning day of the class , to the other party. <br /> executed this instrument for the purpose herein expressed, the <br /> The parties hereto have hereunto <br /> day and the year above written. * ' <br /> DISTRICT BOARD OF TRUSTEES INDIAN RI SERVICES DISTRICT <br /> COUNTY <br /> INDI VER COMMUNITY COLLEGE EMERGENCY <br /> Edwin R. Massey, Ph Chairman of Board Thomas S . Lowther <br /> President Emergency Services District <br /> 3209 Virginia Avenue 1840 25�' Street <br /> Fort Pierce, FL 349 APP VED Vero Beach, FL 32960 <br /> BCC ApAPPROVED AS TO PORN; 2005 <br /> AND LEGAL U I Y <br /> AL <br /> Chairman of the Board <br /> � . e <br /> . WILLIAM K . DEBRAAL <br /> ==N�4 SISTANT COUNTY ATTORNEY <br /> ounty A ministrator <br />