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71 / 71CJlc� <br /> r X013 <br /> FORM 8B MEMORANDUM OF VOTING CONFLICT FOR <br /> BOUNTY MUNICIPAL AND OTHER LOCAL PUBLIC OFFICERS <br /> LAST NAME—FIRST NAME— MIDDLE NAME NAME OF BOARD, COUNCIL, COMMISSION, AUTHORITY, OR COMMITTEE <br /> Davis , Wesley S . County Commission <br /> MAILING ADDRESS THE BOARD, COUNCIL , COMMISSION, AUTHORITY OR COMMITTEE ON <br /> WHICH I SERVE IS A UNIT OF: <br /> JT 40 25th Street COUNTY ❑ CITY MCOUNTY ❑ OTHER LOCAL AGENCY <br /> Vero Beach Indian River NAME OF POLITICAL SUBDIVISION: <br /> DATE ON WHICH VOTE OCCURRED <br /> MY POSITION IS: _y <br /> 7_]_._1 9 2005 ELECTIVE ❑ APPOINTIVE <br /> WHO MUST FILE FORM 813 <br /> This form is for use by any person serving at the county, city , or other local level of government on an appointed or elected <br /> board , council , <br /> commission , authority , or committee . It applies equally to members of advisory and non -advisory bodies who are presented with <br /> a voting <br /> conflict of interest under Section 112 . 3143, Florida Statutes. <br /> Your responsibilities under the law when faced with voting on a measure in which you have a conflict of interest will vary greatly <br /> depending <br /> on whether you hold an elective or appointive position . For this reason , please pay close attention to the instructions on <br /> this form before <br /> completing the reverse side and filing the form . <br /> INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLIANCE WITH SECTION 112 . 3143 , FLORIDA STATUTES <br /> A person holding elective or appointive county , municipal , or other local public office MUST ABSTAIN from voting on a <br /> measure which <br /> inures to his or her special private gain or loss . Each elected or appointed local officer also is prohibited from knowingly <br /> voting on a mea - <br /> sure which inures to the special gain or loss of a principal (other than a government agency) by whom he or she is retained <br /> (including the <br /> parent organization or subsidiary of a corporate principal by which he or she is retained) ; to the special private gain or loss <br />of a relative ; or <br /> to the special private gain or loss of a business associate . Commissioners of community redevelopment agencies under Sec. 163 .356 <br /> or <br /> 163 . 3571 F . S . , and officers of independent special tax districts elected on a one-acre , one -vote basis are not prohibited from <br /> voting in that <br /> capacity . <br /> For purposes of this law , a " relative " includes only the officer's father, mother, son , daughter, husband , wife , brother, <br />sister, father-in-law, <br /> mother-in -law , son -in -law , and daughter-in-law. A " business associate " means any person or entity engaged in or carrying on <br /> a business <br /> enterprise with the officer as a partner , joint venturer, coowner of property , or corporate shareholder (where the shares of the <br /> corporation <br /> are not listed on any national or regional stock exchange ) . <br /> ELECTED OFFICERS : <br /> In addition to abstaining from voting in the situations described above , you must disclose the conflict: <br /> PRIOR TO THE VOTE BEING TAKEN by publicly stating to the assembly the nature of your interest in the measure on which <br />you <br /> are abstaining from voting ; and <br /> WITHIN 15 DAYS AFTER THE VOTE OCCURS by completing and filing this form with the person responsible for recording the min - <br /> utes of the meeting , who should incorporate the form in the minutes. <br /> APPOINTED OFFICERS : <br /> Although you must abstain from voting in the situations described above , you otherwise may participate in these matters. However, <br /> you <br /> must disclose the nature of the conflict before making any attempt to influence the decision , whether orally or in writing and whether <br /> made <br /> by you or at your direction . <br /> IF YOU INTEND TO MAKE ANY ATTEMPT TO INFLUENCE THE DECISION PRIOR TO THE MEETING AT WHICH THE VOTE WILL BE <br /> TAKEN : <br /> • You must complete and file this form ( before making any attempt to influence the decision ) with the person responsible for recording <br /> the <br /> minutes of the meeting , who will incorporate the form in the minutes. (Continued on other side ) <br /> CE FORM 813 - EFF . 1 /2000 PAGE 1 <br />