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FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 17, 19671 <br />The Board of County Commissioner of Indian River County et <br />in Special Session at 3000 o'clock P.M. on Friday, February 17, 19670' <br />All members were present. On Motion made by Commissioner Macdonald, <br />seconded by Commissioner Bogosian and unanimously carried the following <br />Notice was approved and ordered published <br />NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners has <br />this day selected the Clerk and Inspectors of the several. voting <br />precincts of the County to hold and. conduct the Flirst .spedia'•b� Primary <br />Election to be held Tuesday, February 28, 1967. <br />Precinct No. 1 '(Roseland) Community .Hall <br />Clerk, Lester Hanshaw <br />Inspectors, Lillian Duerden, Kathryn Crippin, Evelyn B. Miles <br />Precinct No. 1A (Fellsmere) City Hall. <br />Clerk, Mar.yr,S . McCluer <br />Inspectors, Mary E. Smith, Katie. Snell, Catherine Lester <br />Precinct No. 1B (Sebastian) City, Hall. <br />Clerk, Ramona K. Vickers <br />Inspectors Marguerite Me Dillon, Lillian Cigahn, Thoas E. Hepburn <br />Precinct No. 1C (Wabasso) School Building. <br />Clerk, Betty Wintermute ' <br />Inspectors, Alma L. Jones, Margaret I.Massey, Bessie M. Titus <br />Precinct No. 2 (Winter Beach) School Building <br />Clerk, Ruby Williams <br />Inspectors, Laura E. Hurst, Stephanie Hunter, Eunice Walker <br />Precinct No. 2A (Northwest Vero Beach -outside City Limits) Indian River <br />Farms Drainage District Office- 2 miles west on' North side of Road 60 <br />Clerk, James Smith <br />Inspectors, Ruth DeVaughn,', Lula Carlsward, WilliaH. Roberts <br />Lowell Gilbert <br />Precinct No. 28 (Country Club Pointe Area and North AlA area -outside <br />City Limits) Elks Club Building ' <br />Clerk, Naomi L. Buckalew <br />'Inspectors, Ida M. Bennett, Josephine M. Post, Doraise Harkins <br />Precinct No. 2C (Gifford area) Gifford High School Building. <br />Clerk, Walter M. Jackson <br />Inspectors, Willie M. Darrisaw, Anna L. Lane, Hettie English, <br />Glover Huston <br />Precinct No. 3 (North Vero Beach.City limits) Old Community Building <br />Clerk, Pauline Stanbridge <br />Inspectors, Myrtle Jones, Grace Mooney, Bess Everitt ,Hettie Dykema <br />Precinct No. 3A (South Vero Beach) Rosewood School- 16th Street <br />- Clerk, Florence Huffman <br />Inspectors, Lisbeth Maxwell, James M. Huffman, Aaathciny:',MOkidhj c.1, <br />Caroline S. Inscoe . <br />Precinct No. 3B (Southwest Vero Beach, outside city limits) Cox's Sinclair <br />Service Station, Road 60 at 44th Avenue <br />Clerk, Mamie Smith <br />Inspectors, Ellen W. Rushton, Harold L. Traxler, Harry E. Pfeiffer, <br />Anna M. Cowan <br />BOOK 10 PACE 259 <br />