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warranty road , drainage and sidewalks <br /> WARRANTY AND GUARANTY AGREEMENT , <br /> AND BILL OF SALE FOR REQUIRED IMPROVEMENTS <br /> CONTRACT NO . PD -03 -07 -17 WGPH2 (2002120179 =44609 ) <br /> WHEREAS , the undersigned Developer has obtained approval by the <br /> Board of County Commissioners for the recordation of the final subdivision plat for a <br /> project known as The Lakes at Sandridge , Phase II , pursuant to the Indian River <br /> County Subdivision and Platting Ordinance ; and <br /> WHEREAS , Developer has constructed certain required improvements as <br /> defined by , and in accordance with the requirements of said ordinance , all as described <br /> and evidenced in the various drawings and plans supporting the issuance of the Land <br /> Development Permit , together with the as built plans , test results , and certificate of <br /> completion of the Developer' s engineer; and <br /> WHEREAS , Developer desires to transfer all its right , title and interest to <br /> the County in and to all those improvements constructed within publicly dedicated lands <br /> of said project , free and clear of encumbrances , together with the assignment of all <br /> existing warranties and Developer's agreement to cause to be repaired defects in <br /> workmanship or materials in both public and private road , drainage and sidewalk <br /> improvements , as required by ordinance , and as stated herein below . <br /> WITNESSETH : <br /> That for and in consideration of the sum of ONE DOLLAR ($ 1 . 00 ) and <br /> other good and valuable consideration , the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged , <br /> Developer , on behalf of itself and all successors and assigns , does hereby : <br /> 1 . Represent unto Indian River County , a political subdivision of the <br /> State of Florida , that the required improvements in said project have been constructed <br /> and installed as required by the ordinance , in the manner described above ; and <br /> specifically consist of: <br /> See Exhibit "A" attached hereto <br /> 2 . Agree that , should the required improvements fail or otherwise <br /> become defective during a period of three years from the date of final inspection of said <br /> required improvements , due to defective materials or workmanship , the Developer shall <br /> upon each occasion , be responsible in all respects for such failure or defect . Developer <br /> shall immediately , within 20 days of written notice by the County , cause correction of <br /> such failure or defect to begin at Developer' s sole cost and expense and bring them into <br /> compliance with the requirements of the applicable ordinance ( s ) ; and <br /> 1 <br /> F:Wttomey\Nancy\DOCS\PLANUakes at sandridge ph 2 maintenance k.doc <br />