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6 . Transportation from Indian River County to Port St. Lucie will be an additional $ 150 . 00 per load <br /> whether transported by an enclosed trailer or by open-top walking floor trailer. <br /> 7 . For rimmed tires only, there will be an additional charge of $ 150. 00 per load for derimming by <br /> FTR at the Port St. Lucie facility. Scrap metal resulting from the derimming will be the property <br /> of FTR. <br /> 8 . There will be a fuel surcharge of 10 . 0% of the total cost (tipping fee, transportation and <br /> derimming costs) so long as the cost for less than truckload bulk delivery of diesel fuel remains <br /> above $2 . 00 per gallon. <br /> 9 . The SWDD will agree to do the following : <br /> a. To use its best efforts to keep the waste tires free from contamination by dirt, sand <br /> or other waste products. <br /> b . To load the enclosed trailers at or near their maximum capacity. <br /> 10 . The SWDD scale shall be used for determining weights . Loads will be invoiced as collected . <br /> Invoices are payable in thirty days. <br /> 11 . All waste tires collected by FTR are recycled in such products as mulch, light weight aggregate, <br /> crumb rubber feedstock (for use in asphalt roads, injection molding, etc . ), playground surfacing <br /> material and Tire Derived Fuel . <br /> 12 . The SWDD may also elect to deliver the waste tires in county-owned vehicles to FTR' s facility <br /> in Port St. Lucie. The disposal fee would be $60 . 00 per net ton. The SWDD would continue to <br /> segregate tires by size. Tires will not exceed 1200 x 20 in size. Tires with rims will be <br /> segregated and delivered separately. There will be a surcharge of $ 15 . 00 per ton for loads of <br /> rimmed tires. Scrap metal resulting from the derimming will be the property of FTR. <br /> 13 . The terms of this agreement shall be for one year beginning October 1 , 2005 and expiring <br /> September 30, 2006 unless cancelled by either party with thirty (30) days written notice . This <br /> agreement may be extended from year to year with mutual consent. SWDD and FTR <br /> acknowledge and agree that the Waste Tire Recycling Agreement ("Agreement") is modified by <br /> the Addendum attached hereto and by this reference incorporated herein in its entirety. <br /> Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving the citizens of Indian Rivet Coupty. <br /> r t W <br /> Sincerely Indian River County <br /> Solid Waste Disposal Mtiict' � <br /> 4 v n <br /> S w mI <br /> J J. on Thomas S . Lowther , C �i4a c <br /> 9 <br /> ief Op rating Officer <br /> lorida Tire Recycling, Inc . Date October 4 , ' . <br /> , X005 <br /> i` - -- APPROVED AS TO FORM <br /> "Witness AND GA _ SUFFICIENCY E .. <br /> a � <br /> IA E . FEL <br /> .Al" : dS ANT COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />