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V Ll r� <br /> APPROVED BY <br /> AUG 2 4 2004 <br /> MEMO i30ARU OF COUNTY <br /> COr" ISSION <br /> To : Fellow Commissioners <br /> From : Commissioner Caroline Ginn <br /> Re : Addendum to County Attorney Will Collins ' Contract <br /> Date : August 17, 2004 <br /> Please approve the following addendum to the County Attorney ' s contract. <br /> Section 9. SEVERANCE <br /> If County terminates this contract at any time or in the event of County ' s <br /> failure to renew an employment contract with the County Attorney, County shall <br /> pay the County Attorney one month ' s severance pay for each year of service in <br /> County employ (prorated by month) not to exceed twelve months pay, and shall <br /> continue health insurance coverage under the same terms for a like period. In the <br /> event the County Attorney must resign because of serious life-threatening illness, <br /> certified by a medical doctor, which makes continued employment an impossibility, <br /> the County Attorney shall be entitled to the same severance package as listed above. <br />