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FRIDAY APRIL 14, 1967 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, <br />met in special session at the Courthouse, Vero Beach,'Florida on Friday, <br />April 14, 1967, at 5:00 O'clock P. M. Present were Robert W. Graves, <br />Chairman; D. B. McCullers, Vice -Chairman; Donald Macdonald, Richard <br />Bogosian, and Jack Dritenbas. Also present were County Administrator <br />Jack G. Jennings; County Attorney Sherman N. Smith, Jr.,' and Deputy <br />Clerks, Alfred H. Webber and Ruth Elliott. <br />On Motion by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner <br />Dritenbas and unanimously carried, the application of John Alexander <br />Knowles, Jr., for admission to the Southeast Florida Tuberculosis <br />Hospital was approved. <br />A request by Forrest N. McCullars, County Agricultural Agent, <br />for out -of -county travel to Kissimmee on April 11 was approved on <br />Motion by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner Dritenbas <br />and unanimously carried. <br />Motion was made by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner <br />Dritenbas and unanimously carried, that the following Item to Item <br />transfer in the Road and Bridge Fund be approved: <br />A/C FROM ' TO <br />834-2 Reserve for New Equipment $40,000.00 <br />834-1 New Machinery and Equipment , $40,000.00 <br />Mr. Troy E. Moody requested the Board's permission to cut through <br />•the south wall in the Courthouse Annex and install a door, connecting <br />the Tax Collectors' office to the mail room. and work area, the expense <br />to the paid by the Tax Collector's Excess Fees. After discussion, it <br />was moved by Commissioner McCullers, seconded by Commissioner Bogosian <br />and unanimously carried, that the request be authorized. <br />Commissioner Macdonald roved, seconded by Commissioner McCullers <br />and unanimously carried, that Change Order No. 3, Courthouse Annex and <br />alterations in the present Courthouse, be approved, which includes: the <br />following: Paint old Courtroom walls ::4,495.001 Paint upper and lower <br />walls and woodwork, $825.00: Painting and alteration work to the old <br />APR 141967 <br />i0 MG(325 <br />