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TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1967 <br />A special :'.eetig of the Board of County Commissioners of Indian <br />River County was held.inkthe Courthouse, Vero Beach., Florida, on <br />R4 Tuesday, April 18, 1967, at 7:30 o'clock P. M. Present were Vice- <br />Chairman D. B. McCullers, Donald Macdonald and Jack U. Dritenbas. <br />Absent were Chairman Roert W. Graves and Richard P. Bogosian. Also <br />persent were County Attorney Sherman N. Smith, County Administrator <br />Jack G. Jennings and Ruth Elliott, Deputy Clerk. <br />Others in attendance included James Walker, Chairman of the <br />Building Code Committee,and sub -committee chairmen, Robert Jackson, <br />Dudley Clyatt, J. Pat Corrigan, Bob Jennings, Everett Bobo, Ed Carter, <br />Edward Massey, Richard Kitty, Billy McCullers, Joe Egan, Bob Maxwell, <br />and William G. Taylor,'Louis Schlitt. <br />The Vice -Chairman called the eeting to order and stated this <br />meeting was to discuss the proposed Building Code for the County. <br />Commissioner Dritenbas stated that he had examined the recommend- <br />ao'ionasvf the Committee and felt there were several items that should <br />be discussed and clarified. <br />The first ite was'recommendatio (a) of the Building Code <br />Committee, "Sections 101.2 and 101.3 should be amended by the addition <br />of the following wording-"Qexcluding all ':oi residential agricultural -<t:c <br />structures'. After considerable discussion, Mr. Corrigan, representing <br />the Fare: Bureau, stated that he had no objection to the wording "except <br />buildings, structures, and appurtenances used solely for housing or <br />-storing agricultural animals, supplies, equipment or products, by <br />persons, firms or corporations, engaged i=, agriculture" <br />Commissioner Dritenbas asked for the opinion of those present, <br />particularly Bob;Jannings of the Health Department, with regard to <br />his suggestion that no building permit be issued without first locating <br />the site of the septic tank and well on the plot plan; as well as the <br />neighboring well and septic tank. No objections were expressed. <br />The item of requiring subterranean termite protection was discussed <br />and those present agreed to the recommendation. <br />APR 181967 <br />