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X 0 4 <br />S TUEMM, APRIZ 2nd 1929. <br />{ fi.e Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beach, on Tuesday, April 2nd 1929, at 10 o'clock A.M.with the <br />following members of the Board present: .Albert U. Helseth, Chairman; J. D. Yongue; <br />J. W. laBruce; J. <br />J. <br />P. <br />Hamilton <br />and John H. Atkin. <br />The Minutes <br />of <br />the <br />previous <br />meeting were read and approved. <br />It was ordered that the question of salaries of County employees be deferred until <br />later in the day. <br />she Tax Collector filed his report of licenses collected for the month of March, <br />showing 495.00 collected for the .Mate and X47.50 collected for the county. <br />J. L. St inson appeared before the Board regarding Drainage and culverts on Road <br />G-7. It was ordered the County Engineer investigate and put the drainage ditches and <br />culverts in proper condition. <br />J. 0. ]Dorgan appeared before the Board and presented petitions signed by himself <br />and 41 other citizens and tax payers remonstrating against the issuance of any indebted- <br />ness for the erection of a Court Mouse and jail. it was ordered that the petitions be <br />accepted and filed. <br />E. G. Thatcher and others appeared before the Board regarding advertising Indian <br />River County at the Canadian National iMposition, Toronto, Canada. it was ordered the <br />matter be taken under consideration with definite action to be taken today. <br />Jae. J. Rick appeared before the Board regarding renewals of insurance policies on <br />County property. It was ordered the matter be deferred until later in the day. <br />Fury laura Idio ods, tlabasso, having filed application with the ichool Board to be <br />placed on the Mothers Pens ion list and same having the approval of that Board, it was <br />ordered she be placed on said list to receive §30,00 per month. <br />Ordered Mrs Eugene Beugnot be placed on the pauper list to receive 4020.00 per <br />month until her husband is released from jail. <br />Application of W. H. Dykes, winter Beachri to be placed on the pauper list was con- <br />sidered, and it was ordered same be rejected and he notified, for the reason he now <br />receives a Confederate Pension of X45.00 per month. <br />It was ordered that insurance policies of the County be handed back to the several <br />agents and 1/5 of the insurance be wrote by each of the five insurance agencies represen <br />i ng the "Insurance Board". of Vero Beach . <br />1`�i.e Confederate pension list received from the Secretary of Pensions showing names <br />and addresses of those receiving Pensions was received and checked over and found to be <br />correct. <br />L. Ashburner appeared before the Board regarding drainage of road at Roseland. It <br />was ordered the County furnish sufficient pipe for necessary Drainage at Ashburner's placo. <br />Itvwas ordered that the County W igineer be instructed to do all work requested by <br />Wabasso Bridge District,, said District to bear all costs in connection therewith. <br />It was ordered that the Speeder drag line be rented to the Fe llamere Cross State <br />Road district at a price to be arrived at by the County Engineer. <br />road. <br />it was ordered that the engineer repair the shoulders on the Sebastian-Fellsmere <br />Ordered that the �keriff select one acre of land st some suitable location for use <br />as a potters field and report his findings to this Board. <br />Tt was ordered that all feed bills of prisoners in jail be paid out of Fine & For- • <br />f eiture Fund the first of each month, and these bills be paid prmor to any other bills. <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />