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SECTION III — SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> A. General <br /> 1 . The ENGINEER will endeavor not to duplicate any previous work done on the <br /> project. After issuance of written authorization to proceed, the ENGINEER <br /> shall consult with the COUNTY to clarify and define the COUNTY'S <br /> requirements for the project and review all available data. <br /> 2. The ENGINEER will attend conferences with the COUNTY and its <br /> representatives upon reasonable request. <br /> 3 . In order to accomplish the work described under this Agreement in the time <br /> frames and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the ENGINEER will observe <br /> the following requirements : <br /> a. The ENGINEER will complete his work on the project within the time <br /> allowed by maintaining an adequate staff of registered engineers, <br /> draftsmen, and other employees on the work at all times . <br /> b. The ENGINEER will design the project in such a manner as to be in <br /> conformance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. <br /> C. The ENGINEER will prepare all necessary sketches and completed <br /> application forms to accompany the COUNTY'S applications for <br /> required federal, state, or local permits. <br /> d. The ENGINEER will cooperate with the COUNTY in order that all <br /> phases of the work may be properly scheduled and coordinated. <br /> C. The ENGINEER will send a complete preliminary set of construction <br /> plans to any city, county, state or federal regulatory agency, including the <br /> St. John' s Water Management District (SJRWMD) and the Indian River <br /> Farms Water Control District (IRFWCD), from which a permit or other <br /> approval is required prior to final approval of the design by the Director <br /> of the Public Works Department, and will coordinate the project design <br /> with all applicable agencies. <br /> f. The ENGINEER will contact all known utility companies having <br /> installations in the immediate vicinity of the proposed work and consider <br /> relocation of utilities, if necessary. The ENGINEER will provide the <br /> COUNTY with necessary information relative to required utility <br /> Page 2 of 12 <br />