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Page 1 of 2 <br /> Board of County Commissioners <br /> 1801 27th Street ( Bldg. A) <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> Telephone: (772) 567-8000 FAX: (772)-778-9391 <br /> Indian River County Project No. 0745 <br /> Indian River Blvd. Sidewalk: 12"' Street to 17'' Street - Topographic Survey <br /> WORK ORDER NO. 1 (Engineering/Surveying) <br /> FOR <br /> PROFESSIONAL SURVEYING AND MAPPING/GIS SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> FOR ANNUAL SURVEYING AND MAPPING/GIS SERVICES . <br /> WITH <br /> KIMLEY-HORN and ASSOCIATES , INC. <br /> In accordance with Contract No. 0725 <br /> This Work Order No. 1 is in accordance with the existing AGREEMENT dated November 6th , 2007, <br /> between Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (SURVEYOR) and Indian River County (COUNTY). This <br /> Work Order No . 1 amends the agreement as follows: <br /> SECTION I — PROJECT LIMITS <br /> Indian River Blvd Sidewalk T000graphic Survey - — the SURVEY LIMITS shall begin at the intersection <br /> of 12 Street on the west side Indian River Blvd . northerly along the west side of Indian River Blvd . to the <br /> southerly right-of-way of 17"' Street. <br /> AND <br /> from the southerly right-of-way line of 17th Street, along the east side of Indian River Blvd. To the existing <br /> Fair-lane Harbor Mobile Home Park. <br /> SECTION II — SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> The scope of services for this Work Order 1 is the preparation of a Topographic Survey (in state plane <br /> geometry) for those portions of Indian River Blvd lying between 12th Street and 17" Street and to the <br /> approximate center of Indian River Blvd as described above in Section I . The Topographic Survey will be <br /> prepared in accordance with all sections herein , Chapter 472 Florida Statutes and Chapter 61G17 <br /> (Florida Minimum Technical Standards) as set forth for these types of surveys. Along with , but not limited <br /> to , Rights-of-Ways, easements and entranceways, all above ground/visible features and utilities <br /> pertaining to design applications, 100 foot cross sections, significant change in grades, location and As- <br /> Builts (inverts/pipe sizes) of visible and obtainable drainage and sewer facilities, traffic/road and <br /> pedestrian striping , the defining of rights-of way, location and species of trees that are 4 inches or greater <br /> at breast height and separate sheets for vertical and horizontal information . Horizontal and vertical control <br /> sheets shall provide state plane coordinates, control sufficient for a third party use for construction and <br /> adhere to Chapter 472 , Florida Statutes and Chapter 61G17-6 .007 Florida Administrative Code <br /> Horizontal and Vertical control for Public and Private Construction Layout: <br /> The Murphy Act Reservation lines (if any) as provided by Indian River County will be graphically depicted <br /> on the drawing . Also included in this scope is that area 25 feet west of the west right-of-way of Indian <br /> River Blvd. , 25 feet east of the east right-of-way of Indian River Blvd. and to the approximate center of <br /> Indian River Blvd . (within the area defined above). <br /> SECTION III - TIME FOR COMPLETION/DELIVERABLES <br /> a ) The preliminary submittal will be delivered to the County for review and comments within 60 <br /> calendar days from Notice to Proceed . Final submittal will be delivered to the County within <br /> 15 calendar days of receipt of the preliminary submittal comments . <br /> b) Deliverables for the Preliminary submittal will consist of paper copies of the survey. <br /> c) Final deliverables shall be in the following format: One certified reproducible Mylar, three <br /> certified hardcopy (paper versions) , one CD or DVD disc with the AutoCad file (version 2005 <br /> or better) and a PDF version . The product shall be prepared and plotted utilizing the supplied <br /> IRC standard Autocad file format. <br /> F:\EngineeringVcapital Projects\0725- 2007 Annual Prof. Survey Conuacn2007-2008 Projects\Kimley Horn\IR Blvd Sidewalk I 1 -07\W.O. I <br /> Indian River Blvd sidewalk. Kimley-Horn 0745 . 11 -13-07.doc <br />