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ATTACHMENT 1 <br /> Task C <br /> 8th Street Forcemain <br /> King ' s Highway (58th Avenue) to 74th Avenue <br /> Proiect Description and Understanding <br /> Construction of a new forcemain along 8th Street to serve primarily as transmission main is needed to <br /> redirect flows from a new in -line pump station located at the corner of Kings Hwy and 8`h Street to the <br /> West Regional WWTP. The scope of work will include approximately 10, 500 linear feet of 20" <br /> forcemain from Kings Highway (58th Avenue) to 74`h Avenue . <br /> SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> Consultant will provide survey , design, permitting, and construction phase services for the new <br /> forcemain . Consultant will provide survey along 8`h Street, design of the forcemain , preparation of <br /> project drawings and specifications for the project, which can be advertised for bidding by general <br /> contractors . Consultant will prepare and submit the appropriate permits listed herein for the construction <br /> of the project . Consultant will provide construction phase services during construction, and provide final <br /> certification of the project. The scope includes the following : <br /> Task 1 — Survey <br /> Survey limits along 8th Street will be from King ' s Highway to 74t'' Avenue . Survey information will only <br /> be provided on the side of the roadway within the right-of-way which the forcemain will be constructed . <br /> Consultant will import GIS information provided by Indian River County property appraisers department <br /> for establishment of right-of-way lines and overlay these on Indian River County aerials . Areas with <br /> questionable R/W information where the proposed forcemain alignment must be located will be detailed <br /> and researched to establish right-of-way control . Several areas along the alignment will be researched <br /> with additional areas provided as an additional scope . Limited topographical information will be <br /> provided to augment aerial information . <br /> The survey will include the location of significant above ground information lying within the right of way <br /> of 8th Street . Surface evidence of underground utilities will be located . Any record information deemed <br /> useful will be included on the piping plans . Baseline stationing will be established for the alignment. <br /> Underground locates will be provided at critical areas where conflicts may exist , tie-in locations , and in <br /> known congested areas . <br /> Task 2 - Design <br /> Existing utility information provided by IRC and others will be used in conjunction with the survey <br /> information as a basis for design of the piping alignment . <br /> The design will include hydraulic capacity calculations for the pipe included under this scope only . <br /> Preliminary alignment of the piping will be included and a review meeting with IRC staff will be <br /> conducted to review the alignment before final design of plan drawings will be prepared . <br /> Preparation of construction drawings will include plan sheets with survey information, key sheets , HDD <br /> H :\General\Miller\Indian River CountyTroposals\Task C - 8th Street Forcemain to 74th Ave-rev Ldoc <br />