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Our File #0713 <br /> March 7, 2007 <br /> NON-EXCLUSIVE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING AGREEMENT <br /> CONTINUING CONSULTING SERVICES <br /> ATTACHMENT 1 <br /> • Project Description <br /> Work Order No. 10 provides for professional engineering services for the design, permitting, bidding <br /> and services during construction of numerous potable water and wastewater force mains proposed to <br /> cross the County Route 512 Phase IV Corridor. These mains are intended to be designed and permitted <br /> to allow coordinated construction during the CR 512 Phase IV project so as to avoid the necessity of <br /> future connection crossings of the corridor. <br /> Work Order No. 10 is being implemented at this time to provide professional engineering services by <br /> Masteller & Moler, Inc. associated with the project described above. The work to be performed as part <br /> of this Work Order will generally include providing base plans; preparation of project design for the <br /> proposed water and wastewater extensions, preparation of contract plans; preparation of specifications <br /> and bid documents; preparation and submittal of permit applications, assistance during bidding and <br /> contract administration/periodic inspection for the pipeline project. <br /> The estimated project construction cost is $300,885 .00 <br /> A brief description of the scope of services for Work Order No. 10 is provided below: <br /> • Scope of Services <br /> Task A — Design & Permitting: Water & Sewer Force Main Extensions <br /> 1 — Base Plans <br /> Base Plans will be developed from the existing CR 512 Phase IV Route Survey and Design Plans for <br /> Phase IV of the proposed Roadway Improvements. The base plans shall include coordinate points with <br /> reference to the State Plane Coordinate System to facilitate the incorporation of the plans into the <br /> County' s GIS system. <br /> 2 — Construction Plans <br /> Masteller & Moler, Inc. will utilize the previously completed route survey information and the CR 512 <br /> Phase IV roadway designs for preparation of construction plans for the utility extensions. Our plans will <br /> show the necessary fittings, gate valves, fire hydrants, directional boring, and construction details to <br /> support the construction of potable water and sewer force main "stub-out" extensions. The extensions <br /> shall be constructed to accommodate future connections to the existing 20" potable water and 10" sewer <br /> force mains in the Phase IV portion of the CR-512 Roadway Improvements project. We anticipate a <br /> total of 13 water and 3 sewer forcemain extensions will be constructed. <br />