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i IJ <br /> OYER Board of County Commissioners , y � <br /> z <br /> 1840 25th Street <br /> l� Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> IF * Telephone. (772) 567-8000 <br /> �LORI�� FAX: 772- 778-9391 <br /> WORK ORDER NO. 17 <br /> " Spoonbill Marsh Submerged Land Lease" <br /> FOR <br /> PROFESSIONAL SURVEYING- SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> FOR ANNUAL SURVEYING AND MAPPING SERVICES CONTRACT NO : 0390 <br /> WITH <br /> Masteller, Moler, Reed & Taylor, Inc. <br /> This Work Order No. 17 is in accordance with the existing AGREEMENT dated September 19th, <br /> 2006 between Masteller, Moler, Reed & Taylor, Inc. (SURVEYOR) and Indian River County <br /> (COUNTY). This Work Order No. 17 amends the agreement as follows : <br /> SECTION I — PROJECT LIMITS <br /> Perform a Specific Purpose Survey of the Proposed Submerged Land Lease Area for the <br /> Spoonbill Marsh property lying in Section 14, Township 32 South, Range 39 East, Indian River <br /> County, Florida. <br /> SECTION H - SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> As agreed upon between Masteller, Moler, Reed & Taylor, Inc. and Indian River County, <br /> Masteller, Moler, Reed & Taylor, Inc. will perform Professional Land Surveying services for the <br /> completion and preparation of an updated boundary survey for the Central Wastewater <br /> Treatment Plant Site to include the following: <br /> a. Prepare legal description for the submerged land lease parcel as directed by the client. <br /> b. Prepare a boundary survey of the proposed lease area per the Minimum Technical Standards <br /> for surveying in Florida and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection' s <br /> "Checklist for Survey Review" as applicable and attached hereto and made part of this <br /> contract. <br /> c. Obtain elevations of the proposed lease area as necessary. Elevations shall be upon the <br /> National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 . <br /> d. Depict all proposed improvements with dimensions and label their relationship to the <br /> proposed lease line. <br /> e. Upon completion, provide ten ( 10) signed and sealed copies of the specific purpose survey. <br /> SECTION III — WORK PRODUCT <br /> a) The SURVEYOR shall prepare its Work Product so that the COUNTY or other <br /> consultants can readily use it for the design and analysis of the area, as defined. It shall <br /> contain all information necessary for third-party surveyor to independently recreate <br /> and/or utilize the survey work. It is acknowledged all final products become property of <br /> Indian River County and will be available for use by the public at large. <br />