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WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18, 1967 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met in <br />regular session at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida on Wednesday, <br />October 18, 1967 at 8:30 o'clock 'A. M. Present were Robert W. Graves, <br />Chairman; D. B. McCullers, Vice Chairman; Donald Macdonald; Jack <br />Dritenbas and Richard Bogosian. <br />County Administrator; Sherman N. <br />Also present were Jack G. Jennings, <br />Smith, Jr., County Attorney; Alfred <br />H. Webber; Ruth Elliott and Janet Burriss, Deputy Clerks. <br />Forest McCullars, County Agent appeared before the Board and <br />requested permission to advertise for a new four door sedan. On motion <br />by Commissioner Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner McCullers and <br />unanimously carried the County Agent was authorized to advertise for <br />the purchase of the new automobile. <br />Carrie McKenney, resident of the Oslo Road area, appeared before <br />the Board requesting a form of petition so that owners could sign <br />stating they would give the right-of-way to the county for a road to <br />be constructed running <br />at the present time. ) <br />south of Oslo Road. (Which is only a dirt path <br />She was informed that she would have to prepare <br />her own letter of petition and, the County Administrator would check to <br />see if the County owns any right-of-way in that area. <br />Billy Roberson, County Ranger; and E. S. Sweeten, District Forester, <br />Florida Forest Service were present to answer any questions the Board <br />might have in regard to their operation. The Board stated they were <br />very pleased with the services performed in this County. <br />A letter, dated October 17, 1967, from Raymond Wm.Nelson, Coordinator, <br />Babe Ruth League, <br />Inc. requesting assistance from the Board of County <br />Commissioners for the construction of a press box and two dug -outs at <br />Bob Summers Park on Indian River Drive, in the amount of $1,200.00 for <br />materials. The letter stated that the labor for this construction <br />will be donated. After discussion, Motion was made by Commissioner <br />Macdonald, seconded by Commissioner McCullers and unanimously carried <br />OCT 181967 <br />