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AGREEMENT g . P P <br /> THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into this ih , ~ •. day of August 20 11� by and <br /> between Oculina Bank, 4450 24`h Avenue, Vero Beach, FL, hereinafter called the ATM Owner and Indian <br /> River County, 180127 1h St. Vero Beach, FL. hereinafter called the County. A 10 �I _ J743 <br /> WITNESSED : That whereas, the COUNTY and the ATM Owner agree as set forth below : <br /> 11 <br /> 1 . BASIC AGREEMENT <br /> As per specifications of advertised and sealed Indian River County Request for Proposal # 2011043 : <br /> It is hereby agreed that ATM Owner is granted the exclusive right to securely install, maintain, repair, and <br /> insure an automated teller machine ( " ATM" ) at each of the locations indicated at no cost or obligation to <br /> the County. There will be no County participation in the operation or maintenance of the ATM . <br /> 2 . FILLING THE MACHINE <br /> It shall be the responsibility of the ATM Owner to maintain sufficient funds in the machine and replenish <br /> the ATM with cash . <br /> 3 . ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS <br /> The County shall be responsible for the electrical line installation ( standard 110 volt outlet) , and <br /> the <br /> ongoing monthly cost for electrical service . ATM Owner, at its discretion and expense, shall connect the <br /> ATM through a wireless device . <br /> 4 . INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE <br /> ATM Owner shall install or contract installation of the ATM. For insurance requirements and security <br /> purposes, the ATM must be bolted to the floor. ATM Owner shall provide all labor involved with service <br /> and maintenance of the ATM, including supplies . ATM Owner shall provide 24-hour customer help and <br /> technical support . A Toll Free number shall be prominently displayed on the front of the <br /> ATM for <br /> customers to call for assistance . <br /> 5 . SIGNAGE <br /> With the County' s permission, ATM Owner shall be allowed to erect ATM signage as necessary to attract <br /> ATM business . Signage shall not be placed in view from the exterior of the building . <br /> 6. TERM OF AGREEMENT <br /> This Agreement shall be in effect for a term of thirty six (36) months beginning on August 16 , 2011 <br /> and <br /> ending on August 15 , 2014 . The County retains the right to renew this Agreement with the consent of ATM <br /> Owner, under the same terms and conditions, for two additional twelve ( 12) month terms . Additional terms <br /> and/or services may be added to this Agreement upon satisfactory negotiation of terms between the County <br /> and ATM Owner. ATM Owner must receive written notification from the County to cancel no less than 60 <br /> days prior to the end of the initial term . Upon removal of the ATM, ATM Owner is not responsible <br /> for <br /> restoring the County ' s property to its pre- installation condition (i . e . replacing flooring) . <br /> 7. MAXIMUM WITHDRAWAL LIMIT & SURCHARGE <br /> The maximum withdrawal limit per transaction shall be $ 300 . ATM consumer fee of $ 1 . 50 per transaction <br /> will apply for each completed surcharged transaction. No other fees will be charged . <br /> 8 . TERMINATION <br /> The parties agree that this agreement may be cancelled by either party with 30 days written notice . Upon <br /> removal of the ATM, the ATM Owner is not responsible for restoring the County ' s property to its pre- <br /> installation condition (i . e . replacing flooring) . <br />