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st <br />MOTOROLA Communications anal Electronics' -Inc. <br />ember 3.968, <br />1968 <br />County Administrator, <br />IndianRiver County, Florida; <br />ear' Sir: <br />ADDRESS. REPLY TOI <br />Sunrise, Station, P.O. Box 4216 <br />Regional Sales Office <br />403 Professional Building <br />Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304 <br />305, LOgan 4-9673. <br />MOTOROLA Communications & Ele6tronics:; Inc;;; dishes; to thank you <br />for this opportunity to 'submit this bid,'fq..r' FNL two-way radio <br />communication equipment for the County of.:Indian :River. <br />MOTOROLA <br />Frith the <br />tions to <br />MOTOROLA <br />wishes to indicate that the bid is in exact accordance_ <br />specifications reouested and therefore.take NO excep- <br />any part of the specificationslas ' bid. <br />shall furnish the following: . <br />ONE Motorola model, U73MHT-1100 one frequency` transmit <br />and receive, exactly as requested; and meeting all <br />specifications. <br />TOTAL PRICE...F.O.Ba Vero Beach, Florida... $807.00 <br />DELIVERY: <br />Motorola Communications & Electronies Inc. shall ship the above <br />communications equipment six to eight; weeksfrom receipt of the <br />purchase order. <br />TERMS OF SALE: <br />Terms of sale are net 30 days, items as shipped. <br />ours very truly, <br />MOTOROLA <br />Communications & Electronics Inc. <br />Ken Krassy <br />Radio'Communiions Representative <br />EXECUTIVE OP,PICeBi 4501 WEST AUGUSTA BOULEVARD,' -01110A00, 661-INOI23 60651 ,/ (312) 772-6500 <br />K' PAG <br />