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1 <br />*40,4,,V1i34.11,,14.N41,0t,t " " • : • <br />fl'170 , <br />' <br />.4' <br />WEDNESDAY -, OCTOBER 9, 1968 <br />The Board of CoUnty CommieSionerS-'0f:Indian River. County, <br />= • - <br />Floridam t:in,regular session at'the..Court,HouSe:Vero Beach, <br />Floridaon 'Wednesday, October 9,:1968 at8:30 o'clock A. •M. Present <br />wereJack U. Dritenbas, Chairman; D. B. McCullers, Jr., Vice Chairman; <br />Robert W. Graves, Donald macdonald and Richard P. Bogosian. Also <br />•Present were Jack G. Jennings, County Administrator; Sherman N. Smith, <br />County Attorney; and Alfred H. Webber and. Janet N. Burriss, <br />:Deputy Clerks. <br />The Chairman called the.meeting to order and asked if there were <br />any corrections or additions to the minutes of July 25, there were <br />none and upon a Mption made by Commissioner <br />Commissioner Bogosian the minutes of July25 <br />as written. Corrections having been made on <br />Graves, seconded'by <br />were unanimously approved <br />;the minutes of September <br />26 a Motion was made by Commissioner Bogosian, seconded by Commissioner <br />Graves and unanimously carried that the minutes of September 26 were <br />approved as corrected. <br />• <br />The Board recognized Mr. Frank Wallace and other members of the <br />Rockridge Property Owners! Association who commented and elaborated <br />on the condition of the streets and drainage ditches in Rockridge. <br />County Administrator advised the members of this association that <br />they should present a list of these:complaints .tohim and he would <br />conSider them in the order in whiqh they should be done. <br />nomer Fletcher, Tax AssesSor presented the Tax olls for the <br />. <br />year 1968 <br />on Real and Personal Property and also, on Intangible <br />Personal Property Assessment Rolls,:which were examined and found to. <br />be cori.ect. He repor <br />Personal Property Rolli <br />ted the following taxes extended on Real and <br />•• • <br />