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MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1969 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida <br />met in special session at the Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida on <br />Monday, January 27, 1969 at 12:00 o'clock Noon. Present were Jack U. <br />Dritenbas, Chairman; Richard P. Bogosian, Vice Chairman; D. B. McCullers, <br />Jr. and Alma Lee Loy. Absent was Edward J. Massey. Also present were <br />Jack G. Jennings, County Administrator; Sherman N. Smith, Jr., County <br />Attorney and Alfred H. Webber, Deputy Clerk. <br />The Chairman called the meeting to order and the County Attorney <br />explained that the Florida Outdoor Recreational Development Council <br />had requested a Resolution from the Board regarding State acquisition of <br />land in the vicinity of Sebastian Inlet, including the County Park at <br />that location. <br />After considerable discussion a Motion was made by Commissioner <br />Bogosian, seconded by Commissioner Loy, that the following Resolution <br />be adopted. Commissioners Bogosian and Loy voted in the affirmative, <br />Commissioner McCullers voted against the Motion. The County Attorney <br />stated that with,,only four members of the Board present, a majority <br />of three votes would be necessary to constitute legal action on a <br />Motion. Chairman Dritenbas then voted in the affirmative and the <br />following Resolution was accordingly adopted: <br />JAii 2 7 1969 <br />Book 12 PaF106 <br />