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The Notary Public bond of Luster M. Merriman, in the sum of $500.00 with the Americ <br />Surety. Company, a corporation, as surety was approved. <br />The Notary Public bond of Chas. A. Mitchell, in the sum of U500.00, with the Americ <br />Surety Company, a co rpo ration, as surety was approved. <br />The Vero Beach Press -Journal was designated as the newspaper in which the laws of <br />the 1929 session of the Legislature are to be published at State expense. A letter was <br />received from the State Comptroller advising the amount available for that purpose being <br />equivalent to @20.00 per County throughout the State. <br />The Clerk was instructed to write all fee officers of the County to file their <br />report of fees collected and expenses for the six months period ending June 30th, and in <br />the future to do so each six months, as provided by law. <br />It was ordered J.R.Allent pauper be paid $15.00 per month instead of $10.00 per <br />month his present allowance. <br />Luis H. Van Raven was ordered placed on the pauper list to receive U10.00 per <br />month until further orders. <br />The Notary Public bond of S.M.Heiser, in the sum of $500000 with.American .surety <br />Company s a corporations, was approved. <br />Lotion made by Commissioner Hamilton, seconded and carried that road be graded from <br />Dixie Highway to colored school at Gifford. <br />Motion made by Com'r. Hamilton, seconded and carried that Road B-6 from Lateral <br />"B" to Clemons .Avenue be graded. <br />Yoved, seconded and carried that D.L.Leisher, County Engineer be given leave of <br />absence July 21st to August 3rd to attend Reserve Officers Training Camp. <br />The County Engineer was instructed to permit persons on road crew to leave their <br />work a sufficient length of time to permit them to vote on eledtion day. <br />The Board of County Commissioners then adjourned until 10 o'clock _A.M.tomorrow. <br />WEDNESDAY. JULY 3rd 1929 <br />7•e Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River. County, Florida., met at <br />the Court House at 10 o'clock A.M.Nednesday, July 3rd 1929 with the following members of <br />the Board presents Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman; J.D.Yongue; J.W.LaBruce; and J.J.P.Ham- <br />ilton. Also present were Miles Marren, Clerk and Clark S. Rice, Sheriff. <br />pay. <br />Traffiz officer William Frick was granted a leave of absence for 30 days without <br />The Several bills and accounts against the County having been audited, were examined <br />and found to be correct were approved and warrants ordered issued in settlement ,of same. <br />The said bills and accounts being on file is the Clerk's office and made a part of these <br />minutes by reference to such bills and accounts. The warrants so issued against the <br />respective funds, being listed in the County Finance Record of the County as provided by <br />law, and the list as so recorded for the several funds, is made a part of these minutes <br />as fully and completely as if the said warrants so issued were set out herein in detail. <br />The County Depositories filed their monthly statements of the various funds coming <br />under their jurisdiction, which having been checked were found to be correct. <br />The following resolution was presented: <br />AREAS on account of non-payment of taxes, and the heavy demands made -upon the <br />General Revenue Fund of the County, the same is depleted, and accounts stand open and <br />unpaid, and <br />VHEREAS there appears to be a small surplus in the Agricultural Fund and a surplus <br />P in the Publicity fund of the County, both of which funds have no unpaid accounts against <br />6, <br />• II <br />1 <br />II <br />