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FRIDAY, JUNE 6, r969 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida met in special session on Friday,June 6, 1969 at the <br />Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida at 10:00 o'clock A.°M. Present <br />were Jack U. Dritenbas, Chairman; Richard P. Bogosian, Vice Chair- <br />man; D. B.'McCullers, Jr.; Alma Lee Loy and Edward J. Massey. <br />Also present were Jack G. Jennings, County Administrator; Sherman <br />N. Smith, Jr., County Attorney; and Alfred H. Webber and Janet N. <br />Turpan, Deputy Clerks. <br />Also present were Ney Landrum, Executive Director of the <br />°Florida Outdoor Recreational Development Council; N. E. Miller, <br />Executive Director of the Florida. Board of Parks; and Harry Goode, <br />Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, and other members of the <br />Sebastian Inlet District. <br />The Chairman called the meeting to order and explained that <br />the purpose of the meeting was to discuss State acquisition of the <br />Sebastian Inlet Park. A tentative plan for the park was presented <br />by the State. <br />After considerable discussion a Motion was made by Commissioner <br />Bogosian, seconded by Commissioner Loy and unanimously carried that ' <br />as a result of the discussions had at this meeting between this Board,. <br />representatives of the Sebastian Inlet District, the Florida Outdoor <br />Recreational Council, and the State Park Board, it has been tentatively <br />determined, subject to development of final plans and the adoption of a <br />formal agreement, that this Board looks with favor on the over-all <br />general tentative plan for development by the State of the Sebastian <br />State Park. This Board makes the following suggestions with respect <br />to the proposed plan of development, to -wit: <br />1. By reference to an agreement of July 10, 1964, later <br />supplemented and recorded respectively in Official Record Book 219, <br />page 769; and Official Record Book 219, page 781, in the office of the <br />Clerk of the Circuit Court of Indian River County, Florida, it will be <br />noted that there is a 145 foot•strip of land adjacent to Se -s an <br />JUN 144 BOO 14 tvE l I <br />